Destruction Allstars

Destruction Allstars

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Destruction AllStars is one of PlayStation 5’s multiplayer games, Sony announced at its “Game of the Future” event on Thursday.

Destruction Allstars

Destruction AllStars, developed by the British studio Lucid Games, looks like a devastating derby game, with diverse roles and eliminated it on the futuristic stage.

Destruction AllStars is a dynamic sporting event that makes drivers compete with each other in fierce competition. aims? Destroy as many cars as possible.

Lucid may be known for 2014’s Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, which has been released on various platforms. However, according to the trailer, Destruction AllStars is a PS5 exclusive product and you can watch it on it. There is no news on the game’s release window; the PS5 itself is scheduled to be launched during the 2020 holiday.

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