EA Access and Origin Access will merge under the new EA Play banner

EA Access and Origin Access will merge under the new EA Play banner

Merge EA Access & Origin Access Under Singular EA Play Service: Nowadays, in many entertainment industries, the rebranding of streaming media services is very popular, and EA has reshaped the trend by rebranding its EA Access and Origin Access services to EA Play.

EA Play
EA Play

The customer does not have any financial changes, the name change does not require any extra effort, and people can play games based on their current subscription. In a new blog post, the company describes the rebranding as “the best way to simplify our services to ensure membership of EA Play. This is an important step.” The current price of EA Access is $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. The price of Origin Access is the same, and the price of Origin Access Premier is $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Consider WarnerMedia’s efforts to reshape its streaming service brand with two simple options now: HBO Max and HBO. In theory, by canceling the name of HBO Now and canceling HBO Go, in theory, consumers can find the services they need and register more easily. EA may want to combine EA Access and Origin Access under one banner, so that people can shop more easily. At this moment, EA is preparing to introduce its subscription service to Steam, and the name change may not be a coincidence.

The blog post stated: “EA Access and Origin Access Basic will become EA Play, Origin Access Premier will be changed to EA Play Pro,” and added that EA will “add more in the coming months, from exclusive game challenges and selections The monthly rewards for members of the headline drop.”

Exclusive merchandise will include “early access challenges and rewards, such as the ultimate team pack, exclusive cosmetics, cosmetics, etc.,” but vary by title. As part of the change, EA’s annual EA Play annual event held at E3 will become EA Play Live. The changes to EA Access, Origin Access and Origin Access Premier will take effect on August 18.

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