Star Citizen can fly freely for the next two weeks

Star Citizen can fly freely for the next two weeks

Star Citizen’s total crowdfunding in June exceeded the astronomical figure of 300 million U.S. dollars (currently reaching 313 million U.S. dollars), and another “free flight” conference will be held in the next few weeks for Prospective pilots provide the opportunity to escape the control of certain pilots. The most popular spaceship in the game is provided for free.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen

This time, free-flyers can choose from 16 ships selected by members of the “Star Citizen” community, which are “the main representatives of the best and most iconic spacecraft in the game.” The so-called “Ship Showdown” is actually an annual event that will enable the community to vote on the best ship until the best in parentheses. Discounts on entry-level boat packages are also provided throughout the process. The latest free flight trial period is open to all new players and will last until September 23.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a multiplayer space trading and combat simulator developed and released by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows. “Star Citizen” is the spiritual successor to “Freelance” in 2003, led by director Chris Roberts, and was highly criticized during the production process. The concept lecture of the game started in 2010, and production and development began in 2011.

The game was announced through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and attracted more than $2 million in revenue. The game was originally expected to launch in 2014, but it has been repeatedly delayed. In 2013, Cloud Imperium Games began to release certain parts of the game, called “modules”, to provide players with the opportunity to experience game features before release. The latest of these modules, called the “Persistent Universe”, has already provided pre-orders with test functions in 2015 and will continue to receive updates. There is no estimated date for the commercial release of Star Citizen.

After the initial Kickstarter, Cloud Imperium Games continued to raise funds by selling boats and other in-game content. It has become the video game with the highest crowdfunding and one of the highest-raised crowdfunding projects overall, as of June 2020 For 300 million US dollars. However, this method of generating crowdfunding revenue has led to criticism and ethical issues surrounding the project. In addition to crowdfunding, as of March 2020, marketing now also obtains funds through external investment, with a total of 63.25 million US dollars.

The 42nd Squadron is a single player game set in the same universe. It was announced on Kickstarter to be part of the same game universe and can be accessed through the same game client as Star Citizen. According to reports, the player character performance of the 42nd Squadron will affect your career in Star Citizen.

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Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium Games

Chris Roberts

Dave Haddock
Will Weissbaum
Adam Wieser
Cherie Heiberg

Pedro Camacho
Geoff Zanelli

Amazon Lumberyard

Microsoft Windows

Space trading and combat, first-person shooter

Single-player, multiplayer

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