FIFA 21: Coming soon in 2020, as EA Sports’ boffins is committed to finer details, eager gamers have included it on their wish list. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the entire world, and various industries including football have been affected. Therefore, if any, it remains to be seen how the new games will be affected.

As we wait to understand what changes will happen, Goal will consider the next FIFA release date, how much it will cost, and the game consoles that can be played on it.

“FIFA 21” will be released on October 9, 2020. Prior to this, EA Sports’ plan was interrupted by the coronavirus and was originally scheduled to be postponed in late September.

The new version of FIFA is usually available on the last Friday of September, but this year FIFA 21 will be available on October 9th.

People who pre-order the game are usually granted early access rights, which means they can play the game before that date-this year, “FIFA 21 Early Access” will be available on October 6.


With the cancellation of E3 2020, EA Sports will announce the upcoming championship title at a digital event called EA Play Live 2020 to be held on June 5.

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Due to the current political climate in the United States and protests about racial discrimination, this announcement was postponed to June 18.

EA wrote on Twitter: “As important conversations progress and now important voices around the world appear, we are making time to get together in the game.”

The standard version of FIFA 21 is priced at £59.99 in the UK and US$59.99 in the US.

In recent years, EA Sports has launched many different versions, such as the champion version and the ultimate version, and their prices are slightly higher than the standard version.

FIFA 21 Champions Edition costs £79.99 in the UK and US$79.99 in the US.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition has been confirmed on the official Xbox and Playstation stores for £89.99 and US$99.99.

Extra perks for FIFA Ultimate Team players, such as gold outfits, special FUT kits, and Icons, are responsible for the price difference of some of these versions.

FIFA 21 can be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will also be released on the next-generation game consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.


PS5 and Xbox Series X have been designated to be released sometime during the U.S. holiday, which means they may land between October 2020 and December 2020.

Given the approach of these dates, it seems logical for EA Sports to work with Sony and Microsoft to ensure that the new version can be played immediately.

Google Stadia was launched in 2019, there is no FIFA 20, but it may promote the release of games like FIFA 21.

Again, the Switch version of the game will be the “old version”, with no new game modes or gameplay changes, but with updated squads and equipment.

Players can pre-order FIFA 21 a few months before the release date. The pre-order period starts on June 18th, consistent with the game’s release announcement.

There are usually incentives for gamers to book games, such as cheaper prices, early access and Ultimate Team privileges.

Next Level has Controller Haptics on PS5, which can provide responsive tactile feedback, faster loading time, improved lighting system, make the game look more realistic, spatial audio, thus providing a more immersive stadium experience And the aspherical humanization makes the players look and feel more like their real-life counterparts.

The issue of the career mode frustrated the release of FIFA 20, and fans of this part of the game are eager to improve in this area.

EA Sports said it will provide a new “quick simulation” option, you will be able to enter and exit the game to influence the direction of the season.

You will also be able to improve your players’ abilities through the new active training system-this will help create group training sessions to deal with weaknesses.


Enhanced opposition AI will also become a feature of the new game and introduce new ways to handle transfers-such as loan purchases with optional or mandatory future fees.

Enhanced gameplay will be a feature of FIFA 21, and new attack systems (such as agile dribbling, positioning personality and creative running) can better control the player’s movement.

Goalkeeper battles, ownership battles, and offensive duels will be “solved more naturally” to create a more realistic and smooth game experience.

Competitor mode will provide opponents with better tactical understanding and the ability to perform tricks, thereby making the game more competitive.

Every new FIFA title will see a new idol added to the list of heroes of the past, and FIFA 21 should be no different.

Eric Cantona (Eric Cantona) returned as an idol in FIFA 21 and added features to certain promotional images.

David Beckham, Franz Beckenbauer, Oliver Kahn, and Francesco Totti are some other popular potential new idols.

FIFA 21 will adopt FUT cooperation, which will enable you to team up with friends-cooperate-compete for FUT rewards and achieve cooperation goals.

With Volta Squads, FIFA’s street football add-on product Volta will have a greater social element, which will allow you to play games online with up to three friends and join the community of other Volta players.

There will be all new costumes to choose from in your player customization, and “featured combat” is a new feature that allows you to compete for points and rewards.

Not only that, there will be more venues to play, including Sao Paulo, Milan and Dubai.

The introduction of video assistant referees (VAR) is the biggest change in modern football, and currently, controversial decisions and moments need to be reviewed.

Although VAR was first introduced in 2017, VAR has not yet become a function of FIFA games, mainly because the referees in the game are computers, so human errors are not prone to occur.

Nevertheless, it is still an important part of the game, and it would be wise for EA to add some aesthetic VAR elements to the game.

One aspect that FIFA cannot fault is the official license. The game has long attracted many clubs from all over the world.

However, in FIFA 20 Juventus is called Piemonte Calcio (Piemonte Calcio), and Barcelona has no home because there is no Camp Nou stadium. Since Konami has exclusive rights, these special issues will continue.


It can be said that there is a licensing contest between the two brands, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Kylian Mbappe (Kylian Mbappe) has been confirmed as the global cover star of FIFA 21, and the Paris Saint-Germain striker will add to the three covers.

The World Cup winner is proud of being selected by EA Sports and said that showing his dream on the cover of the game is “a dream come true”.

Eden Hazard and Virgil van Dijk are the cover figures of FIFA 20 Standard Edition and Championship Edition respectively. Someone once thought that EA would continue to promote cover stars for FIFA 21, but Mbappe requested exclusive payment for the first time since Cristiano Ronaldo entered FIFA 19.

Ronaldo used to be the only cover star for FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, but the Portuguese idol will not return to the front line of the game, partly because Juventus has established an exclusive partnership with EA’s rival Konami, which will last two games. years. The similar situation between Barcelona and Colami means Lionel Messi will never be the cover character of FIFA 21.

In recent years, Neymar, Kevin de Bruin and Paul Dybala have all appeared on the cover of FIFA. In addition to this, there are many other options, but Mbappé is in the image and attractiveness The aspect has clearly stood out.

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