Gamedec is a single-player non-combat cyberpunk isometric RPG. You are a game detective who can solve crime problems in the virtual world. Use your wisdom to gather information from witnesses and suspects, learn more about deception schemes, save lives, and study the extraordinary relationship between the virtual world and its residents. The game will continue to adapt to your choices and will never make judgments.


Welcome to the city of Warsaw in the 22nd century. The technology of the future is so advanced that the term “real” is relative, and “life” and “death” have many meanings. The virtual world raises human problems: lust, laziness, jealousy and pride. Residents of these virtual game worlds need experts-Gamedecs-private investigators with experience in these worlds, who are dedicated to discovering secrets and exploring mechanisms hidden in reality to provide commissions for your customers. You are one of them. You are Gamedec.

Gamedec mimics the essence of desktop RPG by focusing on the role of decision-making. Collecting information and developing a unique set of professions will allow you to lead the survey in a way that suits your style. Use the information collected in the code to discover the extraordinary relationship between the virtual world and its residents.

Like the classic desktop RPG, you are free to handle various situations from multiple angles without having to force a single solution-the choice is up to you, and it’s up to you.


Gamedec General Features:

Interact with NPCs to gather intelligence and access different dialogue options based on your choices, professional development, and learned knowledge.

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Visit countless virtual worlds-from deceptive farm-like environments to dark cyberpunk reality to fantasy-based realms.

Use your code and deduction to interpret facts and evidence to draw conclusions. Find your own answer and respond accordingly to your own sense of morality, integrity or justice.

Shape your character through actions that will have a positive or negative impact-by choosing features that correspond to your play style, determine how you want your opponent to perceive. Develop your own Gamedec through your decisions, choices and actions.

Depending on your decision throughout the game, encounter various characters that may be friendly or hostile in Realium and Virtualium.

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