Icarus: Announced at this year’s PC Game Show that Icarus is an upcoming co-op survival game, jointly developed by Dean Hall of the DayZ Hall of Fame and developer Rocketwerkz. In Icarus, players descend from a space station in orbit to a hostile alien world to collect resources, build tools and structures, fight alien wildlife, and try to restore survival.


Above, you can see the trailer, which shows astronauts landing on the earth, cutting down trees, hunting creatures, building fortresses and a location, exhausting breathable oxygen. However, Icarus not only has the functions of hand-made axes and driving dune buggy but also has more functions.

What is Icarus’ release date?
We don’t have an exact date yet, but it is planned sometime in 2021. According to Dean Hall, who spoke to us at the PC Game Show, the development of Icarus is “advanced” and Icarus has been tested in games.

Is Icarus free to play?
Correct. Hall confirms that Icarus is a free game. However, we don’t yet know how the survival game will be monetized, or whether there will be season passes, microtransactions, or other paid content.


How does Icarus work?
The player starts with a space station orbiting an alien planet. This is a co-op survival game, so you can invite your friends to visit your space station (just like visiting a friend’s apartment or penthouse in GTA Online), and then negotiate a mission contract with the biome on the planet below, and set up A list of resources that need to be brought back within a certain time.

These ground missions may be short, 20 or 30 minutes, or even longer, up to 48 hours (and these minutes and hours are real-time).

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Icarus is different from survival games like DayZ or Rust in that it is based on conversation. Instead of living on the surface of the earth full-time, you get down from orbit, complete the mission, and return to space before the timer runs out. You can think of it as a bit like “escape from Tarkov”, you need to enter the dangerous area, complete your work and exit. Only some of these tasks last much longer than Tarkov’s tasks.

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