Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooting game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released by Ubisoft. It was released globally for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 1, 2015. The game will also be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2020. The game attaches great importance to environmental destruction and cooperation between players.

Rainbow Six Siege

Each player controls the attacker or defender in a different game style (for example, rescue hostages, dissipate bombs, and control targets in the room). The title has no promotions, but there are a series of short-term offline tasks called “situations” that can be played separately. The narratives of these tasks are relatively loose, focusing on training recruits to prepare for future encounters with the “white mask” that threatens world security.

“Siege” is a work in the “Rainbow Six” series and the successor of “Tom Clancy”‘s “Rainbow 6: The Patriots”. This is a tactical shooting game that focuses on narrative. After the “Patriot” was finally canceled due to technical defects, Ubisoft decided to restart the series. The team evaluated the core content of the “Rainbow Six” series and believed that it is best to imitate the world’s top anti-terrorist agents.

In order to create a real siege situation, the team consulted actual counter-terrorism forces and studied real-life siege examples, such as the siege of the Iranian embassy. With the support of AnvilNext 2.0, the game also utilizes Ubisoft’s RealBlast technology to create a destructible environment.

It was announced at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo and received four nominations for the Game Critics Award, including the Best Performance Award. The game has received widespread praise from critics, these praises are mainly for the intense multiplayer game, and focus on tactics. However, the game has been criticized for its progress system and lack of content. Initial sales were not good, but as Ubisoft adopted a “game as a service” model for the game and subsequently released several packages of free downloadable content, the number of players for the game has greatly increased.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

A few years after the game’s release, due to the improvements brought about by the post-release update, some critics regarded Siege as one of the best multiplayer games on the modern market. The company worked with ESL to produce the “Siege” e-sports game. In February 2019, the game had more than 45 million registered players on all platforms.

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Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six: Siege” is a first-person shooter game where players use many different operators in the Rainbow team. Different operators have different nationalities, weapons and accessories. The game has an asymmetric structure, so the team does not always maintain a balance in ability selection.

The basic counter-terrorism forces that can be used are the American Hostage Rescue Team (called FBI SWAT in the game), British SAS, German GSG-9, Russian Spatnaz, and French GIGN, which are located between the attacker and the defender. Operators (other units) Later added through downloadable content).

Players can also use “recruit” operators, who can choose from a more flexible combination of equipment, at the cost of having unique gadgets or the ability to customize weapons. The player can select any operator from any defensive or offensive unit before the start of the round, select spawn points and attachments on the gun, but cannot change the selection after the start of the round.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

The in-game store allows players to use the in-game currency “Renown” to purchase operators or cosmetics. Renown is obtained from actions performed in the game at the end of the game. Different game modes are known all over the world at different speeds, and ranked competitions can provide each game with the largest well-known multiplication potential. Players can also gain a small amount of prestige by completing the “challenges” in the game.

The use of “boosters” in the game will also affect the profitability of reputation, thereby increasing the profitability of all reputations obtained by players from 24 hours in various durations by 100%. You can also use real-world currencies to purchase premium currencies called “R6 Points” to enable operators to use other decorations in the game faster.

At the beginning of this round of online games, the attacker chooses one of several spawn points to attack, and the defender performs the same defense from it. Then begin a one-minute preparation period, during which the attacker will gain control of the Mecanum wheeled drone to scout the map to find enemy operators, traps and defenses outside the target. The opposition established defenses and tried to do so, mainly by destroying drones to discover the details of defenses and targets.

The in-game map is designed to encourage melee combat, and players must wait until the end of the round to respawn. Players killed by opponents can enter “support mode,” which allows them to access the drone’s cameras and security cameras so that they can continue to contribute to their team by notifying the opponent’s location and activities.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

The game only lasts 4 minutes (casual) and 3 minutes (ranking). Encourage teamwork and cooperation. Players need to use different abilities to accomplish goals and defeat enemy teams. Strongly encourage communication between players. The game also has a spectator mode, allowing players to observe the game from different angles.

The game especially emphasizes the use of a program destruction system for environmental destruction. Players can destroy buildings by implanting explosives on them, or shoot walls to create bullet holes. Players can gain a tactical advantage by destroying the environment, and the system is designed to encourage players to use creativity and strategy.

It has a bullet penetrating system, where the bullet passes through the building and does little damage to the enemy. In addition to sabotage, members of the guard can also set up a limited number of heavy fortifications on the walls and deploy protectable shields around the walls; they can use sabotage devices, explosives, or use it exclusively for the operator. Small tools for destroying these items.

To prevent attackers from advancing, defenders can place traps such as barbed wire and explosive laser line traps around the map. Vertical space is a key game element in the game map: the player can use the destructive power of electric charges to destroy the ceiling and floor, and can ambush the enemy through the rapidly falling windows. Powerful weapons like grenades and submachine guns are valuable because only a limited number can be used in around.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Modes : At the time of release, the game has 11 maps and 5 different game modes, covering PVE and PVP. After the release, downloadable content (DLC) was released, four more maps were added in the first year, three more maps were added in the second year, and there are currently 20 playable maps. Featured game modes include:

Hostage: A competitive multiplayer game mode in which the attacker must take hostages from the defender, and the defender must prevent this from happening by destroying all attacking teams or successfully defending the hostages until the time expires. If the offensive or defensive team accidentally damages the hostage, causing the hostage to “fall down,” a second way to win may appear. If the opposing team can prevent the rejuvenation of the hostages, and the hostages bleed or die, they will win the round.

Bomb: A competitive multiplayer game mode where the attacker’s task is to locate and decompose one of two bombs. The defender must stop the attacker by killing all attackers or disrupting the demolition program. If all attackers are killed after the bomb disposal device is installed, the bomb disposal device must be destroyed to defend the victory.

Safe area: A competitive multiplayer game mode in which the defender must use a biohazard container to protect the room, and the attacker must fight and ensure its safety. At the end of the game, if all players in the team are killed, or there are no guards in the room, and the attacker fixes the biohazard container, the game ends.

Tactical Realism: A variation of the standard competitive multiplayer game mode, and the release of the “skeleton rain” DLC operation. The game mode is characterized by more emphasis on realism and teamwork, eliminating most head-up display (HUD) elements, the ability to mark opponents and the ability to view teammates through walls, and the addition of a fidelity ammunition management system. This mode no longer exists in the game, but some aspects are in other multiplayer modes.

Terrorist hunting: Single-player or multiplayer cooperative game mode, can accommodate up to five players. The player plays the role of attacker or defender, and must fight against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence in various ways, such as bombs, hostages or destruction (Terror Hunting Classics).

Situation: The most important single-player component in the game, with 10 independent tasks and 1 cooperative multiplayer task, which can be used as an introductory and interactive tutorial for game mechanics.

Outbreak: The outbreak is a limited time event unique to Operation Chimera. In the cooperative PVE environment, a team of 3 people resists the harm of alien organisms, that is, severely mutated people controlled by AI are infected by alien parasites. insect. There are two difficulties with this model. The main difference is that the more difficult modes include friendly shooting.

Arcade game: Random limited-time events, you can modify the elements of the existing mode, and compared with the seasonal game mode, the scale is smaller, including tuna events.

Seasonal activities: Limited time activities, only applicable to one season. These are usually large game modes and are completely unique to regular bombs, safe area,s or hostage game modes.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Three years after the Rainbow Project was suspended, terrorist activities have returned, with the “white mask” being the most prominent. The target of the terrorists is unknown, but they have caused chaos around the world. In response to this growing threat, the plan was restarted by a new leader, who was called the “six” (voiced by Angela Bassett). Six people gathered a group of special forces agents from different countries to face and fight the white mask. Recruits will need to practice many times in the future to prepare for training when they encounter “white masks”, and conduct hostage rescue and bomb disposal training.

Finally, the “white mask” launched a chemical attack on a university (known as Bartlett University) and sent recruits to disarm the bomb and eliminate the presence of the enemy. Despite the casualties, the operation was a great success. The story ends with “six endings”, affirming that reorganizing the Rainbow team is the best choice in times of risk and uncertainty. The Rainbow team is ready to carry out the next mission to hunt down the enemy’s leader. They are ready to protect and defend their country from terrorist attacks.

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