Unknown 9 Awakening

Unknown 9 Awakening

“Unknown 9 Awakening” is a new narrative adventure game for PC and next-generation consoles, focusing on vagrants with mysterious powers. “Awakening” is only part of a huge and emerging story “Storyworld”, so what exactly is “Unknown 9” and what will this game bring?

Unknown 9 Awakening

Launched as a next-generation adventure game in “Opening Night” in August 2020, “Unknown 9 Awakening” tells the story of a young Indian girl who can enter hidden dimensions with supernatural abilities.

An official abstract reads: “Growing up on the streets of Kolkata, India, she was haunted by her own vision of death. Haroona struggled to understand her mysterious natural ability to manipulate this invisible thing.” “A mentor soon Helped Haroona hone her gift, taught her to visit the mysterious hidden dimension called The Fold, and propelled her to embark on a journey to explore the mystery of this new realm.”

The trailer opened on a young girl who might be Haroona, then was attacked by a group of other children, and then hid something behind the brick wall. Just as a boy was about to hit her with a stick, she turned her back and emitted ghostly shock waves from her body, which seemed to make her out of sync with reality. Everyone else around her looked like a ghost, which allowed her to basically move to a standing position. When all the other children were scattered, she remained confident.

There is no official release date for “Awakening”. Its release is specifically considering the PC and next-generation consoles, and since we have not seen any gameplay, the game may not be released until the second half of 2021 at the earliest.

Unknown 9 Awakening
Unknown 9 Awakening

The broader Unknown 9 Storyworld can be traced back to the fall of 2018. During the 2018 New York Comic Con, Reflector held a press conference at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City, and conducted a dramatic mystery event in the form of “dream sleep for seeking”. Ni attended the news preview of the “Unknown 9 Experiences”, which is part of the simulated thriller festival, escape room and performance murder mystery party.

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However, it also includes an overview of the studio’s ambitious plans for ARG, podcasts, comic books, TV shows, movies, and video games.

Awakening is obviously a video game. Although TV shows and movies have not yet been announced, the hero creator Tim Kring once dedicated himself to developing TV shows in this universe. But considering his work in “Treadstone Season 1”, he may have left the project sometime in recent years.

As for podcasts, there is an “ap-year society”, which is a fictional audio story in the form of a series in which two women investigate a secret society and dabble in borderline science related to breaking cross-dimensional barriers. In addition, there is also a new podcast Out of Sight launched on August 27, which is the same way the game was released.

In this podcast, partners travel to the country through RV activities to investigate paranormal phenomena.

There is also Chapters, an interactive puzzle game spread all over the world. Real people play the role of “Questors”. They help shape the continuous narrative of this new secret society.

Unknown 9 Awakening
Unknown 9 Awakening

The novel is called “Genesis”, and its focus is “the young astrophysicist Andie Robertson, who competes with dangerous organizations around the world for mysterious devices.” The comic reads, “Torture “Also released on August 27: “Jaden Crowe attracts the mysterious things lurking in the shadows.” “His strange connection with another world makes him the focus of a secret organization-a possibility The organization that holds the keys to the universe that bothers him.”

The penetration of all these is always a cross-dimensional sense of science fiction and supernatural phenomena, which are studied by a secret society (called the Year Society). The overall narrative of all this is still unclear, and video games that seem to be set at some point in the past may be just the beginning of everything.

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