Disney+ rumored to release more major movies exclusively through Premier Access

Disney+ rumored to release more major movies exclusively through Premier Access

Disney+will release other major movies through its Premier Access. Earlier this month, theater owners around the world were shocked to learn that Disney will launch “Mulan” on its Disney+ streaming service. Subscribers will pay an additional fee of US$29.99 to watch the movie, and the movie will be shown in some overseas theaters.

When asked if it is possible for movies like “Journey in the Jungle” or “Black Widow” of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” to skip theaters and switch to streaming for their debut, Disney claimed that Mulan was a one-off.


Disney+ will eventually release more movies under its Premier Access. This does not mean that the “Black Widow” movie will eventually be released on streaming services rather than theaters, but it is very likely in the short term. This information comes directly from the Disney+ support service website, where they confirmed that more major movies will be released on Disney+.

An online chat representative said: “Currently we have Mulan, but Premier Access will be updated as time goes by.” Having said that, this may be a way for subscribers to pay an extra $29.99 for Mulan. the way.

In North America, most of the major movie theater chains are still closed. AMC has announced plans to reopen for business next week since mid-March. They are trying to show a 15-cent movie in 100 theaters on August 20.

This is about 1/3 of the total number of their theaters, and it is not clear whether people are willing to sit in a closed area with a group of strangers. It is estimated that things will get worse before they get better, and Disney will have to make some major decisions before releasing a blockbuster in the summer of 2020.

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With the live-action adaptation of “Mulan”, Disney has been wasting marketing funds, and the situation gets worse every time a movie is shown. The same can be said for “Black Widow”.

Many people argue that it is better to make more money than nothing, which makes people believe that the release of Mulan Disney+ will be a test of the future. Even so, the independent “Natasha Romanoff” (Natasha Romanoff) movie is likely to wait to be released in theaters under safe conditions.


Disney and Marvel Pictures are sitting on Black Widow, originally scheduled to release the “Eternal” movie in November. Mulan will definitely help Disney+ in the original content department, and together with the MCU program “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and WandaVision, it is expected to still appear this year.

Based on developments in the next few months, Disney and Marvel Pictures may decide to skip the theater and directly bring “Black Widow” to streaming media.

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