Why is Project Power’s review so complicated

Why is Project Power’s review so complicated

According to critics’ comments, Project Power made full use of its $85 million budget. This Netflix superhero movie was written by Batman co-producer Mattson Tomlin and has a solid cast. However, at least from the comprehensive evaluation received so far, the final product seems to be only at a moderate level.

Project Power
Project Power

Project Power starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank Shaver. The police not only likes to fight crime but also like the “power” of street drugs, which allows him to work more effectively in his work. Dominique Fishback (Dominique Fishback) starred as the youth dealer/student Robin (Robin), Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx) as the main actor, the former American Ranger looking for missing daughter. Project Power is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

They co-directed the original Forfish movie (which inspired the MTV series), Paranormal Activity 3, Paranormal Activity 4, and Nerve is famous.

Project Power’s current Tomatometer score in Rotten Tomatoes is 65%, slightly higher than the 53% audience score. According to the general consensus, critics and ordinary movie fans seem to have no major complaints, but they don’t seem to be excited about the subject material. Considering the cast of Foxx and Gordon-Levitt, the performance quality of the actors should be above average, and the collective reputation of the filmmakers implies that they are not capable of causing a complete disaster.

Therefore, Project Power resonates with viewers in most cases, and of course for ordinary Netflix streaming media seeking premium entertainment. Here are some positive views:

Chicago Sun-Times:

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“vibrant and crazy and thought-provoking and immensely entertaining film that could have been even more resonant had it not settled for a relatively conventional final act we’ve seen in dozens of thrillers.”

Rolling Stone:

“A street drug that can kill you or give you superpowers for five minutes sparks this sci-fi head trip, along with acting MVP Jamie Foxx. Whatever the movie lacks in plausibility, it makes up for in showing us a familiar world spinning off its axis.”

New York Post:

“here is enough detail and psychological nuance in Mattson Tomlin’s clever script to make “Project Power” more intriguing than most of what Marvel and DC have to offer, even if it could barely match their catering budgets.”

Project Power may not be a horror movie, but some critics point out that it is not exciting. It means that the products provided by the filmmakers are acceptable, but apart from the narrative that can make New Orleans shine, there are also budding actresses like Fishback, there is not much to grasp. The audience can certainly have a good time in Project Power, but the actual filmmaking seems to be nothing more than covering the basics of a typical superhero movie without really exploring the background story of the characters.

In short, Project Power has a rich substance and style, but even at the last minute, it did not make any other promises. Here are some negative comments about Netflix movies.

The Los Angeles Times:

“Will you become hopelessly addicted, or recoil and explode into a million fiery shards? The answer, at least with regard to “Project Power,” is likely to fall somewhere in between.”


“The trouble with trying to push at the boundaries of the superhero genre isn’t that we’re out of material, it’s that imaginations are so limited…”

The Globe and Mail:

“The drug is bad, you see? Power is bad. It’s very simple. And so is Project Power.”

Obviously, Project Power will be another great success for Netflix, because the most positive comments suggest that viewers usually like the movie. There is nothing inherently wrong with this particular superhero story, but nothing seems purely original. Looking ahead, it is interesting to see how the overall consensus will change in the coming weeks and months.

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