1 Night in San Diego

1 Night in San Diego

1 Night in San Diego: Two lifelong friends, Hannah, a former reality star, and her best friend who consciously embraced, Brooklyn, took a road trip to San Diego, met a high school student, participated in anime exhibition. When things didn’t go according to plan, their trip turned into a chaotic, slutty night, and finally tested the deepest friendship between them.

1 Night in San Diego

Directed by
Penelope Lawson

Writing Credits
Penelope Lawson

Alexandra Daddario as Kelsey
Jenna Ushkowitz as Hannah
Laura Ashley Samuels as Brooklyn
Eric Nelsen as Gordo
Adam Rose as Kevin
Samantha Bailey as Bennett
Andrew Elvis Miller as Jimmy
Cameron Bowen as Todd
Tanner Sarff as Damon
Mark Lawson as Christian
Brian Borello as Teddy

Donna Pieroni as Joyce
Dillan Ostrom as Andrew (as Dillan Howard Ostrom)
Winston A. Marshall as John
Andrew Steele as Carl / Uber Driver
Miranda Kathleen as Treasure (as Miranda Parham)
David Mandell as Reggie the Doorman
Talisa Friedman as Amanda
Kelsey Douglas as Delia
Lionell Dalton as Ramon

Freddie Tate as Hippie
Jeff Bee as Charlie
Jason Nott as Attendant
Keith Pittman as Bartender
Evelyn Warner as Hailey
Paul Keating as Huggable Hippie
Nicolas diPierro as Concierge
Michael Rodriguez as Hippie Commune member
Akul Dang as Doug the Pedicab Driver
Rick Rogers as Hippy
Jason de Puy as Salina Estitties / Law and Justice Ensemble

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Also Known As
(original title) : 1 Night in San Diego
UK : 1 Night in San Diego

1 Night in San Diego
1 Night in San Diego

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