A Teacher

A Teacher

A teacher is Hannah Fidell’s upcoming American drama TV series based on the movie of the same name. The series, played by Kate Mara and Nick Robinson, will premiere on Hulu’s FX on November 10, 2020.

A Teacher

A teacher explored the story behind a photo of a female high school teacher having an extramarital affair with a male student, revealing the complexity and consequences of these illegal relationships.

In February 2014, it was revealed that Fidel’s film “The Teacher” will be adapted into a TV show by HBO. Fidell will write and execute the series with Danny Brocklehurst. Kate Mara, who is playing the leading role in the series, will also serve as executive producer, and Fidell will also direct the series, which is built on FX instead of HBO. It was announced in November 2019 that the show will premiere on Hulu instead of FX as part of “FX on Hulu”. Keegan DeWitt made up the series’ score. The miniseries is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2020. The first 3 episodes are available and the rest will be released every week.

A Teacher
A Teacher

The main photography started in Calgary, Canada in August 2019 and ended on October 13, 2019.

Directed by
Hannah Fidell (unknown episodes)

Writing Credits
Hannah Fidell (created by) (10 episodes, 2020)
Rosa Handelman (1 episode, 2020)
Boo Killebrew (1 episode, 2020)
Dana Kitchens (1 episode, 2020)
Andrew Neel (1 episode, 2020)
Ruby Rae Spiegel (1 episode, 2020)

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Kate Mara as Claire, a popular young teacher at a suburban Texas high school.
Nick Robinson as Eric, an all-American senior.
Ashley Zukerman as Matt, Claire’s supportive and loving husband with a boyish charm and creative side that he’s been repressing for years.
Marielle Scott as Kathryn, a French teacher at Westerbrook and Claire’s newest friend.
Shane Harper as Logan, Cody’s younger brother.
Adam David Thompson as Nate, an ex-military and current police officer who is Claire’s older brother, a nice guy pretending to be tough because the job requires it.

Rya Kihlstedt as Sandy, Eric’s hardworking working-class mother who’s been on her own his entire life.
Camila Perez as Alison, Eric’s socially conscious and well-meaning ex-girlfriend.
Cameron Moulène as Cody, a frat boy, and Logan’s older brother.
Ciara Bravo as Mary.

Release Dates
USA : 2020
USA : 10 November 2020

Also Known As
(original title) : A Teacher
Canada (English title) : A Teacher
Italy : A Teacher
USA : A Teacher

Filming Locations
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Alberta, Canada

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