Attack of the Unknown

Attack of the Unknown

Attack of the Unknown : The SWAT team transporting the boss of the vicious crime syndicate must escape the county detention center during the catastrophic alien invasion.

Attack of the Unknown

Directed by
Brandon Slagle

Writing Credits
Brandon Slagle (screenplay)
Michael Mahal (story by) and Sonny Mahal (story by)

Tara Reid as Elizabeth
Robert LaSardo as Miguel ‘Hades’ Aguirre
Richard Grieco as Vernon
Tania Fox as Cuffs
Jolene Andersen as Hannah
Douglas Tait as Maddox
Tasha Reign as Feature Dancer #1
Roberta Sparta as Nurse
Ben Stobber as Bjorn
Robert Donavan as Weller
Ronnie Nanos as Tattooed Prisoner
William ‘Bill’ Connor as Papa Charm
Kyosuke Mukai as Tadamesa Takayama
Scott Butler as Edmund / Alien #3
Mia ScozzaFave as Axel

Gerardo de Pablos as C-Los
Dee Cutrone as Sophia
Taylor Re Lynn as Weather Reporter (as Taylor Lynn)
Jerimiyah Dunbar as Machine Gun Guy
BJ Mezek as Newscaster
Navin P. Kumar as Atul (SWAT Driver)
Paul Gunn as Kai
Michael Forsch as Officer Bialek Hanson
Jon Vangdal Aamaas as Richard Bellomo
Mila Maximova as Woman Taking Selfies
Dennyann Giambrone as Mayor Sarah Manning
Margo Quinn as Amelia
Kevin Hager as Vic Luther
Rachel Ann Mullins as Nurse
Johnny Huang as Dallas Zhang

Frankie Ray as Alien Queen (Mother Brain)
John Meacham as James
Al Burke as Sgt. Burke
Hans Hernke as Officer Eames (Sniper)
Cheryl Prater as Nurse Kanani
Elizabeth Noelle Japhet as Boudreaux
Peter Angelopoulos as Jonah
Nick Ford as Joseph Carolla
Charles Solomon Jr. as Mills
Stan Divranos as Terrance
Sherrie Prose as News Reporter
Cira Valenzuela as Machine Gun Girl
Tamara Solomson as Officer Sisco
Jennifer Granger as Woman Looking at Sky
Thomas Haley as Intimidating Inmate

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John Molinaro as Blackjack
Gino Alfonso as Mohawked Prisoner
Clay Trimble as Tobias
Alexander Hauck as Hell’s Angel Reject
Darren Barcomb as Henry
Labrandon Shead as Sniper
Justin P. Warren as Sergeant Sloan
Mouine Omari as Officer Ramin (SWAT Gunner)
J. Spencer as Detective Levinson
Rachael Christenson as Agent Caprice
Nicholas George as Alien Doctor
James Dormuth as Lieutenant Wyatt
Rich R. Rendon as Hendrix
Isabelo Pascual as LA Resident
Callan Ream as Steven

Rome Romanne as Dead Detective
Robert B. Oliver as Callaway
Shawnn Morris Slaughter as MacNicol
Raf Adame as Rafael
Sinan Alili as Global Reporter
Danny Tesla as Dr. Cronin
Alexander Zorn as Xander King
Marc Pearce as Lee
Mathew Lipisko as Medical Officer William Sneeden
Nicholas Kolev as Officer Koyla (Sniper) (as Kolio Kolev)
Christopher S. Begley as Eric
Art Freeman as Detective Cole
King Jeff as Officer LeBas Escalante
Kathleen Litteral as LA Resident
Mallorie Vanghel as LA Resident

Angelo DiNallo as Lucas
Aaron Brazier as Albert
Paul Bradford as Science Reporter
Junior J as Swat Sniper
Rashawn Simmons as Dead body #5
Andrew Brown as Main Alien
Chris McCoy as Darius
Olive Divranos as Allison
Valencia Gamble as Dead Body #6
Chase Christensen as Feature Dancer #2
Jay Powski as White Collar Inmate
Monica Camey as Frightened Woman
Michael DiNallo as Cole
Kevin Teppo as LA Resident
Elias Holguin as Tattooed Prisoner #2
Jean Heathen as Carly
Joshua Madrid as Dead Body
Mark Pereira as Jake
Deron Jackson

Attack of the Unknown
Attack of the Unknown

Release Dates
USA : 28 August 2020 (digital)
USA : 28 August 2020 (theatrical)
USA : 27 October 2020 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Attack of the Unknown
Australia : Attack of the Unknown
France : Attack of the Unknown
UK : Attack of the Unknown

Filming Locations
Los Angeles, California, USA
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Attack of the Unknown
Attack of the Unknown

Attack of the Unknown : The movie starts with SWAT policeman Vernon (Richard Grieco). His team is preparing to raid the hideout of cartel leader Miguel Heads Aguirre (Robert LaSardo) because a major drug deal is about to be concluded. Here, the competent SWAT team evacuated the cartel, and we had a 12-minute shootout. When the Fed now takes over the case, their victory quickly becomes terrible-prolonged investigations helpless. It doesn’t matter, it’s time to celebrate and relax at the local strip club.

At the same time, in another part of the town, two policemen and a drunk driver piloted by two foreign spacecraft were arrested, and the spacecraft crashed on the outskirts of the San Fernando Valley. The situation of these three people is not very good. Now, the alien invasion has begun. First, because the power and communication of the mobile phone are cut off, the speed is very slow. Panic spreads, aliens move every day and people die. Of course, aliens are bulletproof, so guns are useless. Then they began to suck blood from everyone they came into contact with.

Attack of the Unknown
Attack of the Unknown

The film almost followed Vernon, Hades and their respective crews, who worked together to survive and found a way to defeat the tribe of aliens.

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