Below Zero (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Below Zero (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Below Zero 2021 (Spanish: Bajocero) is a Spanish thriller film directed by Lluís Quílez, written by Fernando Navarro and Lluís Quílez, and Javier Gutiérrez, Karra Elejalde, Luis Callejo and Patrick Criado.

Below Zero 2021

Below Zero 2021

The title sequence shows a person torturing another person in a dark wood to obtain information, and burying him when he claimed that he did not know the location of the missing person’s body.

Below Zero 2021
Below Zero 2021

After replacing the punctured tire of the car, Police Officer Martin was carefully arranged to drive the prisoner’s transport at night. On a lonely road, their truck was blocked by nail bars. When the escort officer Montesino left the armored truck to assess the situation, he found that their driver’s vehicle was not on the side of the road, and two police officers were shot dead. Subsequently, he himself was shot by a sniper in the dark woods, and later succumbed to his own injuries.

Below Zero 2021
Below Zero 2021

Martin, the policeman who drove, survived and entered the prisoner’s cell, where he was suppressed by the criminal. Miguel, the assailant outside, entered the truck and showed through the walkie-talkie that he was looking for a prisoner in particular. Unable to open the safe prisoner compartment, he drove the truck into the frozen lake.

In the end, this happened at a showdown in an abandoned village by the lake. Miguel revealed that he had lost his daughter due to rape and murder, and her body was never found. With the support of the police, Martin decided at the last minute to leave his statutory conviction and tortured Nano to retrieve the location of the executed Miguel’s daughter.

Below Zero 2021
Below Zero 2021

Below Zero 2021

Directed by
Lluís Quílez

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Writing Credits
Fernando Navarro
Lluís Quílez

Javier Gutiérrez as Martín
Karra Elejalde as Miguel
Luis Callejo as Ramis
Andrés Gertrúdix as Golum
Isak Férriz as Montesinos
Édgar Vittorino as Rei
Miquel Gelabert as Pardo
Florin Opritescu as Mihai
Àlex Monner as Chino
Patrick Criado as Nano
Carla Chiorazzo as Bárbara
Eva Manjón as Elena
Ángel Solo as Policía mayor
Marc Padró as Policía joven
Jon Rod as Funcionario
Óscar Rojo as Funcionario cárcel
Sebastián Haro as Agente mostrador
Jimena Chiorazzo as Menor fotos

Release Dates
Argentina : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Australia : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Brazil : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Canada : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Germany : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Egypt : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Spain : 29 January 2021 (internet)
France : 29 January 2021 (internet)
UK : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Hungary : 29 January 2021 (internet)

India : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Italy : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Japan : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Mexico : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Netherlands : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Norway : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Poland : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Sweden : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Singapore : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Turkey : 29 January 2021 (internet)
USA : 29 January 2021 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : Bajocero
Australia : Below Zero
Brazil : Abaixo de Zero
Canada (English title) : Below Zero
Canada (French title) : Froid mortel
Denmark (complete title) : Under frysepunktet
France : Froid mortel
Germany : Bajocero (Unter Null)
Greece : Κάτω απ’ το Μηδέν
Hungary : Fagypont alatt
India (English title) : Below Zero
Italy : Sotto lo zero
Japan (Japanese title) : 薄氷

Mexico : Bajo cero
Norway : Under frysepunktet
Poland : Poniżej zera
Romania : Sub zero
Russia : Ниже нуля
Spain : Bajocero
Sweden : Transporten
Turkey (Turkish title) : Donma Noktası
UK / USA : Below Zero
Vietnam : Dưới Độ Không
World-wide (English title) : Below Zero

Filming Locations
Madrid, Spain
Tobes, Guadalajara, Spain
(Empty town scenes)
Segovia, Spain
(Filming location)

Filming Dates
8 February 2019 – 4 April 2019

Music by
Zacarías M. de la

Edited by
Antonio Frutos

Production companies
Morena Films
Amorós Producciones
Film Factory

Distributed by

Release date
29 January 2021

Running time
106 minutes



Below Zero 2021
Below Zero 2021

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