Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell: A man with a mysterious past escaped the country, escaped his own personal hell-just arrived at a much worse place.

Bloody Hell

The story tells that Rex decided to escape to Helsinki and escape from his own hell. The situation in Helsinki began to deteriorate. Most importantly, this movie is considered to have a strong sense of action. Rex is compared to Die Hard’s John McClane. Imagine if he becomes a modern character and is inserted in a horror movie. Bloody Hell will star Caroline Craig, Matthew Sunderland, Travis Jeffrey and Jack Finster, all experienced performers. Meg Fraser and David Hill will also be members of the Finnish family and become newcomers to the full-length film industry.

Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell

“Bloody Hell” will be released in Australia on October 8, 2020, and then will be released in North America and internationally on selected theaters and other platforms, and is scheduled to be released in January 2021.

Directed by
Alister Grierson

Writing Credits
Robert Benjamin

Ben O’Toole as Rex
Meg Fraser as Alia
Caroline Craig as Mother
Matthew Sunderland as Father
Travis Jeffery as Gael / Gideon
Jack Finsterer as Uncle
David Hill as Olli
Joshua Brennan as Pete
Ashlee Lollback as Maddy
Sophia Emberson-Bain as Olivia
Ryan Tarran as Demon
Scott George as Werewolf
Daniel Weaver as Gorilla
Brad McMurray as Lizard

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Sean Lynch as Ken King
Jessi Robertson as Young Alia
Charles Allen as Prosecuting Attorney
Louis Toshio Okada as Rex’s Attorney
Juan Fernando Monge as Fan Boy
Oakley Kwon as Angela Reynolds
Tim Ross as John Toole
Wilhelmina Lyffyt as Doctor
Bryan Probets as Finnish Passenger
Cameron Leonard as Straggler
Korey Williams as Pedestrian
Carmel Rose as News Anchor
Ellen Bailey as Laura Jenkins

Alan David Lee as William Hudson
Chris Bridgewater as Cowering man
Nathan Kannegiesser as Afraid Man
Jim Knobeloch as Patient
Helen Howard as Finnish Judge
Frances Marrington as Woman in bank
Lisa Campos as The Dentist
Simon Browne as Paparazzi
Philippe Deseck as Papparazzi #2
Caleb Enoka as Pati
Olivia Fleming as Partygoer
Rachel Forsyth as Alicia Feilds Banker
Daniel Frawley as Internet Cafe Bully
Emily Georgiou as Girl taking Selfies

Brodie Henson as Gawk
Kyle McCallion as Athlete #1
Mungo McKay as Severed Hand Victim
Anthony Miller as Coroner
Jesse Miller as Extra
Lachlan Parkinson as Papparazzi #1
Amber Powson as Internet Cafe Owner
Sen Shao as Bank Customer
Sisi Stringer as Cashier
Joey Vieira as Coach Thornquest

Dimitri Belke as Police / Swat Team (uncredited)
Audrey Cadzow as Bank Customer (uncredited)
Russ Gallagher as Robert Bell (uncredited)
Chris Howard as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Craig Ingham as Juror (uncredited)
Charmain Jackson as Juror, American Court (uncredited)
Rob Schyff as Police officer (uncredited)
Logan Skinner as Partygoer (uncredited)

Release Dates
Australia : 26 July 2020
Germany : 9 September 2020 (Fantasy Filmfest)

Also Known As
(original title) : Bloody Hell
Australia : Bloody Hell
Canada (English title) : Bloody Hell
Germany : Bloody Hell

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