Books of Blood

Books of Blood

“Books of Blood” is a 2020 American Horror Anthology feature film, in which three stories are tangled in time and space. This is a journey through three stories tangled in time and space and into the unknown.

Books of Blood

One of this year’s Hulu Halloween feasts is the anthology movie “Blood of Book”, which is a new adaptation of the legendary horror master Clive Barker’s “Blood of Book” story. This feature film anthology will premiere on October 7, and Hulu premiered the first shot of the film today.

Books of Blood
Books of Blood

Brannon Braga (“The Orville”) announced last year that he directed “Book of Blood” for “Hulu”, based on the six original Clive Barkers published in the mid-1980s. Name the story. Braga also co-wrote and produced the film, and the executive of Seth MacFarlane worked with him.

Directed by
Brannon Braga

Writing Credits
Clive Barker (based on the book)
Brannon Braga
Adam Simon

Britt Robertson
Anna Friel
Rafi Gavron
Yul Vazquez
Cory Lee as Chelsea
Brett Rickaby as Bookman
Saad Siddiqui as Dan
Andy McQueen as Steve
Farid Yazdani
Etienne Kellici as Miles
Catherine Burdon as Doctor
Seamus Patterson as Tony
Glenn Lefchak as Balsam
Nita-Josee Hanna
Sean Skerry as Lasky
Ethan Brown as Half dead Grandchild
Samantha Gardiner as Needle Face Mom

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Release Dates
USA : 7 October 2020 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : Books of Blood
Canada (English title) : Books of Blood
UK : Books of Blood

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