Brush with Danger

Brush with Danger

“Brush with Danger” is an American action thriller film directed and directed by Livi Zheng. The film is starring Ken Zheng, Livi Zheng, Norman Newkirk, Nikita Breznikov, Michael Blend, and Stephanie Hilbert. This movie was created, produced, and directed by a duo of siblings in Indonesia. Livi Zheng and Ken Zheng, who pursue martial arts and film production respectively, created this martial arts action-thriller together. The film also includes collaborations with stunt coordinator David L Boushey and composer Garry Schyman. The film was released in American cinemas on September 19, 2014.

Brush with Danger

Painters and fighters are all painters who create in their own way. The brother and sister were forced to flee their homes and arrived in Seattle by boat. In order to work hard in the new world, the couple struggled to survive. Until one day, an art dealer became interested in his sister’s paintings, and the two found that their dreams had come true.

The older sister lost herself in the painting, and the older brother seized the opportunity to express herself and become a fighter. But this is really just a dream. She was tricked by her patron to fake Van Gogh. Purchased by cruel criminals who are passionate about fine arts. The siblings soon found themselves caught in the criminal underworld and danger of Seattle.

“Brush With Danger” was shot dead in Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California. Since September 19, 2014, “Brush With Danger” has been released in American theaters. After its release in the United States, “Brush With Danger” was released worldwide.

Brush with Danger
Brush with Danger

Directed by
Livi Zheng

Writing Credits
Ken Zheng (writer)
Ken Zheng

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Ken Zheng as Qiang Ken
Livi Zheng as Qiang Alice
Nikita Breznikov as Nick Thompson
Norman Newkirk as Justus Sullivan
Michael Blend as Marcus Gilani
Stephanie Hilbert as Elizabeth St. Clouds
John McFarland as Hannibal
Kathleen Boushey as Marcie
Rob Bradstreet as Fighter 1
Ben Andrews as Art Expert
Melissa Pang as Mei

Matt Abel as Voice Actor (as Matthew Abel)
David Anderson as Pancake Eater 3
Jane Anne as Market Vendor 7
Seth Austin as Voice actor
Alan Lee Baker as Diner Patron 6
Sherryl Justice Beitzel as Immigrant 11
Brandon Belieu as Henchman 1 (as Brandon Bellieu)
Robert Bergin as Lee Michael
Bisrat Berhe as Fighting Audience 8
Xiomara Bernard as Voice Actor

Katherine Berryman as Market buyer 20
Richard Berryman as Market buyer 19
Sheldon Black as Market Vendor 13
Joshua Blatman as Dinner Patron 8
Devon Booth as Devon Booth
Jenni Bradstreet as Stow Away
Roseann Brandenburg as Market Buyer 2
Eric R. Brossard as Diner Patron 2
Coltan Campion as Punk
Taylor James Capellaro as Taylor James Capellaro
Shmim Capewell as Market buyer 15

Tonya Carlson-Jolly as Mrs. Ryan
Ian Cawley as Diner Patron 3
Jenni Cea as Jenni Cea
Erika Chang as Immigrant 1
Palmer Chase as Diner Patron 1 / Fighting Audience 12
Max Chen as Immigrant 9
Jessica Choe as Immigrant 13
Greg Cochran as Market vendor 5
Ronee Collins as Market Vendor 2
Glen Cook as Police Officer 3
Chris Corlies as Market Buyer 1
Brittney Cort as Market Buyer 4

Taban Cosmos as Alfonso
Melissa Craig as Marty
Nicole Cribbs as Nicole
Margo Dane as Newscaster
Jason Lee Daniel as Market Vendor
Sirada Darikarnonta as Voice Actor
Siyada Darikarnonta as Voice Actor
Sharon Delong as Sharon Delong
Carlos C. Duarte as Henchman 2
Yodira Duarte as Yodira Duarte
Matthew J. Dye as Fighting Audience 17

David Eisenbud as Fighting Audience 13
David Ek as Pancake Eater 1
John R. Fundenburk III as Police Officer 1
Derek Gieseke as Market Buyer 5
Alex Girma as Fighting Audience 7
Jennifer Godwin as Diner Patron 4
John Goldstrom as Police Officer 2
Megan Gott as Megan Gott
Chris Gough as Policeman 1
Katherine Grant-Suttie as Market buyer 23
Pilita Gruber as Market Buyer 3

Fei Guo as Voice Actor
Larry Hall as Bakery Shopkeeper
Elise Hamamoto as Immigrant 21
James Hamamoto as Immigrant 19
Tim Haney as Container Yard Worker 1
Christopher Harris as Arrested Vendor
Matt Hastings as Thug
Melissa Haug as Market buyer 21
Tyler Heatherman as Punk
Jay G. Hill as Jay G. Hill

Kacie Hobson as Market Buyer 6
Lizzy Hobson as Lizzy Hobson
Kazumi Hosterman as Immigrant 20
Mary Hould as Flower Vendor
Angela Hsu as Immigrant 7
Kristin Hughes as Doll Vendor
Dana Hurley as Market Buyer 24
Sarah Hurst as Sarah Hurst
Joseph Huynh as Immigrant 17
Becky Jarboe as Becky Jarboe

Punit Java as Punit Java
Blanka Jindvich as Market Buyer 7
Isabel Rae Jolly as Market Buyer 8
Narea Kang as Immigrant 4
Anne Sheridan Kennedy as Market Vendor 15
Andrew Kim as Immigrant 15
Jolee Kim as Immigrant 12
Chris LaDay as Fighting Audience 6
Madison Lawlor as Voice Actor
Justin Lawrence as Boxer 2
Alex Leas as Fighting Audience 3

Leah Leise-Lundy as Fighting Audiencen2
Jeff M. Lewis as Henchman 4
Janell Li as Voice Actor
Jessica Li as Voice Actor
Jimmy Li as Voice Actor
Yuanfang Li as Voice Actor
Zheng Li as Voice actor
Parker Lindner as Diner Patron 7
Ces Lombardo as Officer Evans
Aaron Louie as Clark Kent
Papia Ly as Immigrant 5

Robin Ly as Immigrant 6
Adnan Mahmud as Adnan Mahmud
Nadia Mahmud as Nadia Mahmud
Gregory Marks as Gregory Marks
Paul Marney as Fighting Audience 10
Thomas Marshall as Market Buyer 10
Vaden Masranz as Market Buyer 9
Max as Max
Sean McKenna as Husband Buying Painting
Matthew Mcmillen as Market Buyer 13

Keanna A. Mendoza as Immigrant 13
Kirk Miles as Container Yard Worker 2
Rusty Miller as Rusty Miller
Debbie Moore as Debbie Moore
Jessica Moore as Jessica Moore
Thomas Murphy as Thomas Murphy (as Thomas Murphy)
Jon Nagel as Fighting Audience 5
Aaron Nanto as Immigrant 3
Marcin Narozny as Voice actor
Rae Nishida as Immigrant 10
Shig Nishida as Immigrant 8

Alexandra Novotny as Market vendor 6
Israel A. Nunez as Israel A. Nunez
Kara O’Connor as Kara O’Connor
Kathy Okawa as Kathy Okawa
Dess Onata as Immigrant 14
Robert Osborn IV as Boxer 1
Kaye Ostgard as Market buyer 16
Marianna Ouellette as Pancake Eater 2
Nicole Christine Page as Market vendor 8 (as Nikki Page)
Sophie Peter as Sophie Peter

Evgueni Petrov as Market Vendor 9
James Pinto as Fighting Audience 4
Jon Please as Jon Please
Hannah Preisinger as Dinner Patron 6
Will Putnam as Roman Julius-Benicio
Carissa Quisenberry as Market Buyer 26
Makaela Quisenberry as Market Buyer 25
Patrick Rodriguez as Market Buyer 24
Daniel Roe as Baloon vendor
Adam Rosand as Fighting Audience 15
Blake Royal-Gordon as Henchman 3
Richard Ruskin as Market buyer 14 (as Rich Ruskin)

Loretta Lynn Savage as Fighting Audience 11
Brandon Schank as Market buyer 22
John Schmieg as Boxer 3
Adam Schnabel as Market Buyer 11
Drew Scott as Fighting Audience 14
Benny Searle as Thief
Isabell Sheang as Voice actor
Bryan Shein as Bryan Shein
Travis Sims as Henchman 5
Doug Smith as Market Buyer 17 / Fighting Audience 16
Millie Snook as Market Vendor 12

Devin Leroy Soetjipto as Immigrant 16
Samantha Sorensen as Wife Buying Painting
Joseph Stenoien as Market Vendor 14
Kelsie Storey as Diner Patron 5
Myesha Storken as Myesha
Kari Suknot as Doll vendor
Tim Takechi as Immigrant 2
Maura Tang as Market Vendor 4
Michelle Thielen as Diner Patron 8
Alex Trey Thomas as Boxer 3 (as Alexander Trey Thomas)
Chelsea Thomas as Fighting Audience 18
Katrina Thomas as Market Vendor 5

Devin Thompson as Devin Thompson
Christopher Trus as Christopher Trus
Freddy Tse as Juggler (as Fred Tse)
Ileana D. Vasquez as Flower Buyer
Rick Walters as Fighting Audience 2
Joseph Waters as Market buyer 18
Rachael Waters as Market Buyer 12
Janelle Wee as Immigrant 18
JaneAnne Wilder as Market Vendor 3 (as Jane Anne Wilder)
Ron Willis as Police Officer 4
Victoria Winde as Market Vendor 1
Grace Xie as Voice Actor
Danjay Yarbrough as Fighting Audience 1
Jay Zorich as Paint Store Clerk
Jeff Zornes as Fighting Audience 9

Release Dates
USA : 19 September 2015
Nigeria : 30 October 2015
Indonesia : 26 November 2015

Also Known As
(original title) : Brush with Danger
Canada (French title) : Brush with Danger
Ukraine : Небезпечне мистецтво
UK : Brush with Danger

Filming Locations
Seattle, Washington, USA

Music by
Garry Schyman

Ryan Purcell

Edited by
John Rosenberg

Production Company
Sun and Moon Films

Release date
September 19, 2014

Running time
90 minutes

United States


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