Censor (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Censor (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Censor 2021 is a British horror film directed by Prano Bailey-Bond and written by Bailey-Bond and Anthony Fletcher. The movie stars Niamh Algar, Nicholas Burns, Vincent Franklin, Sophia La Porta, Adrian Schiller, and Michael Smiley. The film will premiere worldwide at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on January 28, 2021.

Censor 2021

Enid is a video reviewer who works in the era of video hate. When one of the videos she approved was related to a serial killer known as “The Amnesia Killer,” she attracted media attention because he claimed that he did not remember any murders. This also brought her to the attention of a mean film producer named Doug, who wanted her to review a horror film for him. Frederick North’s film “Don’t Go in the Church” reminds Enid of her sister Nina, who disappeared when she was seven.

Censor 2021
Censor 2021

Enid is disturbed by this movie, especially the creepy actor “Beastman”. She became more and more fascinated by North and rented one of his banned films, Asunder. When she saw the actress Alice Lee, she was stunned because Enid was sure that the actress was her missing sister. Enid even told her parents about her theory, but they asked her to move on. Enid’s grasp of reality becomes more and more fragile because she has surreal and confusing dreams of Alice Lee, the Beastman, and the church in “Don’t Go in the Church”.

Censor 2021
Censor 2021

Enid obtained Doug’s home address from her office file and went to see him. Doug invites her to his home, and she learns that Director North will shoot the sequel to the church starring Alice Lee, which will be Alice’s last movie. Doug tried to force himself onto Enid, and in the ensuing struggle, he accidentally pierced one of his own awards. This was too much for Enid, and it further eroded her sanity. Enid managed to obtain the filming address of Church 2 and went to the location, where she was mistaken for an actress in the movie.

When she met Frederick North Enid, she tried to ask Alice Lee and his inspiration for the movie, but only knew that he adapted the movie based on a true story. He ignored her plea to his sister, but let her act in the movie, unaware that Enid was hallucinating and losing control of reality. In this gloom, Enid murdered the Beastman in order to rescue Alice, and it was not until the crew reacted in horror that she woke up from her blankness. An angry Enid killed North and chased Alice.

Censor 2021
Censor 2021

Once desperate, Alice denied knowing Enid and said that she had a younger sister, but not Enid. This revelation completely broke Enid’s heart, and she fantasized that she had a remote control that could rewind reality. In her illusion, Alice was really Nina. They were reunited with their parents, but they didn’t know that Alice was actually scared and begged Enid’s parents for help.

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Censor 2021

The film premiered globally on January 28, 2021, at the midnight portion of the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. On February 23, 2021, Magnolia Pictures won the US distribution rights for the film and plans to release it in US theaters on June 11, 2021, through its Magnet Releasing banner. It will be broadcast on VOD on June 18, 2021, in a week.

Censor 2021
Censor 2021

Censor 2021

Censor 2021 Directed by
Prano Bailey-Bond

Censor 2021 Writing Credits
Prano Bailey-Bond
Anthony Fletcher

Censor 2021 Cast
Niamh Algar as Enid Baines
Michael Smiley as Doug Smart
Nicholas Burns as Sanderson
Vincent Franklin as Fraser
Sophia La Porta as Alice Lee
Adrian Schiller as Frederick North
Clare Holman as June
Andrew Havill as George
Felicity Montagu as Valerie
Danny Lee Wynter as Perkins
Clare Perkins as Anne
Guillaume Delaunay as Beastman
Richard Glover as Gerald
Erin Shanagher as Debbie
Beau Gadsdon as Young Enid
Amelie Child Villiers as Nina (as Amelie Child-Villiers)

Matthew Earley as Gordon
Ric Renton as Frank (as Richard Renton)
Bo Bragason as Older Girl in Film
Amelia Craighill as Younger Girl in Film
Madeleine Hutchins as Panicked Woman
Robert Vernon as Tom
Lucy Mizen as Neighbour on TV
Joanne Gale as Woman in Video Nasty
Clare Noy as Waitress
Louise Hadley as Red Haired Woman
Lisa Ronaghan as Girl on Night Out
Francesca Reid as Girl on Night Out (as Francesca Renée Reid)
Albie Marber as Boy in Title Sequence
Chris Dale as Alf the Projectionist
Jacob Ward as Journalist #1

Guy Slocombe as Journalist #2
Jonathan Rushby-Taylor as Journalist #3 (as Jonathan Taylor)
Garry Molyneux as Journalist #4
Sean Buchanan as Arguing Man
Emma Eckton as Arguing Woman
John Ward as Man Reading Newspaper on Train
Joe Walker as Young Boy with Arguing Couple
Peter Pedrero as Man in Extreme Coda
Alice May Eadson as Woman in Extreme Coda (as Alice Eadson)
Steve O’Rourke as The Day the World Began
Sam Goodland as The Day the World Began
Charlie Langridge as Kid Outside Video Shop

Emile James as Kid Outside Video Shop
Sharon Taylor as Woman in Video Shop
Mike Bargh as Film Crew in Cabin
Jean-Pascal Heynemand as Film Crew in Cabin
Prano Bailey-Bond as Bloodied Woman in Rejected Video Nasty
Severin Black as Crowd Actor
Nick Brimble as Crowd Actor
Haroun Butt as Crowd Actor
Grant Crookes as Hands Through the Bed
Fiona Goldman as Crowd Actor
Kelsey Greaves as Girl on Night Out

Al Gregg as Grindhouse Narrator
Joseph Henshaw as Crowd Actor
Alex Kassab as Crowd Actor
Nikki Marshall as Train Commuter
Joe Murphy as Crowd Actor
Pippa Nixon as Crowd Actor
Emerald O’Hanrahan as Crowd Actor
Tina Louise Owens as Pedestrian Perfectly Dressed
Evelyn Pelayo as Crowd Actor
Trish Pope as Train Commuter
John Alan Roberts as Pedestrian Perfectly Dressed
Abigail Stokes as Crowd Actor
Bridie Tyler as Crowd Actor
Mark Fisher as Train Commuter (uncredited)
Adele Lupton as Train passenger (uncredited)

Censor 2021 Release Dates
USA : 28 January 2021 (Sundance Film Festival)
Germany : 5 March 2021 (Berlin International Film Festival)
Netherlands : 9 April 2021 (Imagine Film Festival)
USA : 9 April 2021 (Seattle International Film Festival)
USA : 15 April 2021 (San Francisco International Film Festival)
South Korea : 1 May 2021 (Jeonju International Film Festival)
USA : 11 June 2021
Canada : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Switzerland : 2 July 2021 (Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival)
Russia : 22 July 2021
Germany : 29 July 2021
UK : 20 August 2021
Ireland : 20 August 2021

Censor 2021 Also Known As
(original title) / Canada (English title) / Canada (French title) / France / Germany / India (Hindi title) / Italy / Japan (Japanese title) / UK / USA : Censor
Russia : Цензор
Turkey (Turkish title) : Sansür

Censor 2021 Music by
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

Censor 2021 Cinematography
Annika Summerson

Censor 2021 Edited by
Mark Towns

Censor 2021 Production companies
Protagonist Pictures
Silver Salt Films
BFI Film Fund

Censor 2021 Distributed by
Magnet Releasing

Censor 2021 Release date
January 28, 2021 (Sundance)
June 11, 2021 (United States)

Censor 2021 Running time
84 minutes

Censor 2021 Country
United Kingdom

Censor 2021 Language

Censor 2021 Box office

Censor 2021
Censor 2021

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