Concrete Plans

Concrete Plans

Concrete Plans: High in the remote Welsh mountains, five construction workers gathered together to renovate a huge old farmhouse. Placed in the moldy portacabins, the tension between the man and the self-proclaimed aristocratic homeowner, and the dilapidated group of people, including men, quickly eased.

The world’s tired old timer Dave and foreman Bob try to keep the peace. But his nephew Steve was cruelly influenced by the paranoid Jim Jim, who disliked the Ukrainian labor Viktor. As the weather approached and payment delayed, he was grumpy. Blood spilled. When the blue-collar class faced an increasingly severe spiral of moral choice, Jim made an amazing proposition.

Concrete Plans

Directed by
Will Jewell

Writing Credits
Will Jewell

Goran Bogdan as Viktor
Kevin Guthrie as Simon
Chris Reilly as Jim
Amber Rose Revah as Amy
Charley Palmer Rothwell as Steve
Steve Speirs as Bob
William Thomas as Dave
James Lance as Richard
Jason Efthimiadis as Detective
Neil Edwards as Uniformed Police Officer
Edwina Davies as Walker
Gena Kawecka as Radio Newscaster
Alex Thei as Detective
Kevin Cherry as Radio Commentator

Release Dates
UK : 23 October 2020 (Frightfest)
UK : 13 November 2020

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Also Known As
(original title) : Concrete Plans
UK : Concrete Plans

Filming Locations
South Wales, Wales, UK

Concrete Plans
Concrete Plans

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