False Positive (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

False Positive (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“False Positive 2021” is an American horror film directed by John Lee and screenplay by Lee and Ilana Glazer. It starred Glazer, Justin Theroux, Pierce Brosnan, and Sophia Bush.

False Positive 2021

Copywriter Lucy Martin lives in Manhattan with her husband Adrian. The couple had been trying to get pregnant for two years and decided to look for Dr. John Hindle, Adrian’s former teacher and chief fertility doctor. Later, after Dr. Hindle used the technique he invented to inseminate her, she became pregnant.

During the ultrasound examination, she found that she was pregnant with three embryos: two male twins and one female. Considering the situation, Hindle recommends selective reduction; twins or female embryos are terminated to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Adrian and Lucy decide to give birth to this baby girl. Lucy joined a group of expectant mothers, where she met Kogan who used IVF to get pregnant. Lucy discovers that Grace Singleton is a natural spiritual midwife and has a crush on her.

During the restoration process, Lucy passed out and heard Adrian and Hindel talking. Later, her uterus bleeds heavily, which Hindle thinks is a common example. Lucy meets with Corgan, and Corgan shares her pregnancy complications. Adrian presented the award to Hindle, and Lucy became warier and warier of him.

False Positive 2021
False Positive 2021

That night, Lucy found a safe in Adrian’s office, and later she told Corgan that she was increasingly suspicious of what Hindle did to her unborn daughter, and Adrian knew about it. Corgan assured her that it was just “mommy brain”. While watching the video on Grace’s website, Lucy had the illusion of meeting her.

After Lucy had abdominal pain and other complications, Hindle attributed it to prenatal depression and prescribed medicine for her. Lucy met with Grace and shared the news that she lost her mother two years ago. After dreaming that Hindle had sex with Adrian, Lucy opened Adrian’s safe and found a document about her, including evidence that she was under surveillance. She shared this with Corgan, who showed the document to her lawyer husband and advised Lucy to behave normally until she knew more. Lucy confronts Adrian and admits that she feels unsafe for Hindel, she wants to turn to Grace, and she will quit her job.

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During her baby shower, Lucy realized that Corgan knew her real name, although she never shared it. When she found the medicine prescribed by Hindle in the bathroom, Lucy confronted her. Corgan said that she was also with Hindle. She gave the documents to Adrian because she was worried about her mental state. Lucy experiences contractions and goes to Grace to give birth.

False Positive 2021
False Positive 2021

When she did this, she discovered that she had given birth to twins instead of baby girls. Before Lucy gave birth to the second twins, Grace urged them to go to the hospital after heavy bleeding, but Adrian took her to Hinder, who gave birth to her second child. Disillusioned and frustrated, Lucy talks to Grace but realizes that she imagined her more than she thought. Lucy goes to Hindle’s clinic to confront him, where she learns that Adrian and Hindle will merge and operate together.

Lucy sneaked into a secret room of the clinic, where she found her placenta and reduced embryo. Hindle confronted her and revealed that his sperm was used to inseminate Lucy, just like he did to all patients, believing that his genes are superior. He tried to drug her, but she tied him to a medical chair, and then she was attacked by a nurse, Dawn. After a battle, she drugged Dawn and beat Hindle with blood, destroyed his sperm, and left the office with the embryo.

When she got home, she imagined herself letting the twins out the window. When Adrian returned home, Lucy accused him of knowing the conspiracy to save the twins, which he denied. She gave him the twins and ordered him to leave. Lucy then surrendered and picked up the embryo. She tried to breastfeed her and had the hallucination that she started to suck.

False Positive 2021
False Positive 2021

It has its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 18, 2021. It was released by Hulu on June 25, 2021.

In February 2019, Ilana Glazer announced that she would star in this movie, and John Lee made the script by herself and Glazer. A24 will be generated. In March 2019, Pierce Brosnan, Zainab Jah, Gretchen Mol, Sophia Bush, and Josh Hamilton joined the cast of the film.

Main photography started in April 2019.

In December 2020, Hulu won the US distribution rights for the film. It has its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 18, 2021. The movie was released on Hulu on June 25, 2021.

False Positive 2021
False Positive 2021

False Positive 2021

False Positive 2021 Directed by
John Lee

False Positive 2021 Writing Credits
John Lee (original story by) &
Alissa Nutting (original story by)
John Lee (screenplay by) &
Ilana Glazer (screenplay by)

False Positive 2021 Cast
Ilana Glazer as Lucy
Justin Theroux as Adrian
Gretchen Mol as Nurse Dawn
Sabina Gadecki as Nurse Rita
Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Hindle
Josh Hamilton as Greg
Nils Lawton as Mihail
Sullivan Jones as Bryon
James Cusati-Moyer as Waiter
Lucy Walters as Marcy
Jaygee Macapugay as Mae
Danielle Slavick as Brin
Sophia Bush as Corgan

Francesca Faridany as Coraline
Kelly AuCoin as Dirk
Zainab Jah a Grace Singleton
Matthew Brandt as Waiter (uncredited)
George R. Golden as Tuxedoed Dinner Patron (uncredited)
Doris McCarthy as Gala Attendee (uncredited)
Taylor Ortega as Eden (uncredited)
Skylar Robinson as Park Goer (uncredited)
Ray Rosario as Husband (uncredited)
S.J. Son as Alyson (uncredited)
Haley Zale as Breastfeeding Mother (uncredited)

False Positive 2021 Release Dates
USA : 18 June 2021 (Tribeca Film Festival)
USA : 25 June 2021 (internet)
Portugal : 29 July 2021

False Positive 2021 Also Known As
(original title) / Canada (French title) / Germany / UK / USA : False Positive

False Positive 2021 Music by
Yair Elazar Glotman
Lucy Railton

False Positive 2021 Cinematography
Pawel Pogorzelski

False Positive 2021 Edited by
Jon Philpot

False Positive 2021 Production company

False Positive 2021 Distributed by

False Positive 2021 Release date
June 18, 2021 (Tribeca)
June 25, 2021

False Positive 2021 Running time
92 minutes

False Positive 2021 Country
United States

False Positive 2021 Language

False Positive 2021
False Positive 2021

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