Fatherhood (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Fatherhood (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“Fatherhood 2021” is an American comedy film directed by Paul Weitz, written by Weitz and Dana Stevens, and adapted from the 2011 memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love of Matthew Logelin, Starring Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, Frankie R. Faison, Lil Rel Howery, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan, Melody Hurd, and Paul Reiser, the film tells the story of a new father trying to raise his daughter after the sudden death of his wife.

Fatherhood 2021

“Fatherhood”, originally scheduled to be released in theaters by Sony Pictures Releasing, was sold to Netflix during the COVID-19 pandemic and was released digitally on June 18, 2021. ​​The film received mixed reviews from film critics, and Hart’s villain performance was praised.

Fatherhood 2021
Fatherhood 2021

Matthew Logelin’s wife Liz accidentally gave birth to her daughter by cesarean section early, then developed a pulmonary embolism and died. He was at her funeral. His best friends Jordan, Oscar, and his mother Anna, and Leeds’ parents Marion and Mike also attended the meeting. Matt is now the single father of his youngest daughter, Maddy.

The first few months of taking care of Maddy were difficult for Matt, especially after both Anna and Liz’s parents returned home. But in the end, he managed to raise her. A few years later, Maddy, who was about 5 years old, was admitted to a private school.

Matt takes Maddy to the park for a birthday party. There, he met a woman named Lizzie, who was there because Oscar and his wife Rose wanted Matt with her. Matt later agreed to go out with Lizzie. They had a great time together. Matt introduced Maddy to Lizzie, and she immediately fell in love with Lizzie.

At school, the boys teased Maddy. She tried to jump down to deal with one of the boys but hit her head with an ugly wound on her forehead. The school tried to contact Matt, but he eventually checked his phone and rushed to the hospital. He tried to take Maddy away, but the doctor said she needed stitches.

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Fatherhood 2021
Fatherhood 2021

Matt tried to refuse because this was the same hospital where Liz died. He didn’t trust the doctors there, but he relented and let them work. Matt felt sad for ignoring Maddy, so he broke off with Lizzie.

At work, Howard told Matt that he wanted to send him to work in Croatia. He took Maddy to spend time with her grandparents. Matt later saw that Marion wanted Maddy to stay with them for a long time. Maddy seemed to be more willing to accept it, but Matt thought that Marion was just reminding him that he himself made too many mistakes on her. He tried to accept that Maddy was going, even if she wanted Liz’s parents to stay together. Matt then realized that he didn’t make Maddy happy, so he agreed to let her stay there temporarily. When Maddy slept, he expressed to her his fear of raising her alone.

Matt went home alone, and later Howard told him at work that he was going to retire and recommended Matt to do his old job. Matt is grateful, although it means he may see Maddy less often. Even Jordan and Oscar could see that her absence made Matt feel worse. While walking through her room, he found a necklace from Liz, which Maddy had been looking for before.

When Matt and Oscar went to work in Croatia, Matt thought too much and decided to abandon the trip and return to her. She hugged her father, and he gave her the necklace. When it was time to leave, he said goodbye to Marion and Mike, and Mike burst into tears when he mentioned how happy Matt made Liz.

Fatherhood 2021
Fatherhood 2021

Matt and Maddy then went to Lizzie’s house, where he apologized to her for the outcome. She forgave him and agreed to eat ice cream with him and Maddy.

During the ending credits, Matt brought Maddy back to school, the school allowed her to wear jeans, and his appearance in a skirt made her feel better.

Fatherhood 2021

Fatherhood 2021 Directed by
Paul Weitz

Fatherhood 2021 Writing Credits
Dana Stevens (screenplay by) and
Paul Weitz (screenplay by)
Dana Stevens (screen story by)
Matt Logelin (based upon the book by) (as Matthew Logelin)

Fatherhood 2021 Cast
Kevin Hart as Matt Logelin
Alfre Woodard as Marion
Lil Rel Howery as Jordan
DeWanda Wise as Swan
Melody Hurd as Maddy Logelin
Paul Reiser as Howard
Anthony Carrigan as Oscar
Deborah Ayorinde as Liz Logelin
Frankie Faison as Mike (as Frankie R. Faison)
Thedra Porter as Anna
Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Rose
Ellen David as Dr. Jarvis
Julie Trépanier as Summer
Julian Casey as Frank
Anne Day-Jones as Fiona

Teneisha Collins as Ms. Burns
Maria Herrera as Sister Kathleen
Anthony Kavanagh as E.R. Doctor
Puja Uppal as Dr. Lawrence
Chimwemwe Miller as Anesthesiologist
Mylène Dinh-Robic as Nurse Denise (as Mylene Dinh-Robic)
Fred Nguyen Khan as Code Blue Medic (as Fred Nguyen)
Matthew Kabwe as Code Blue Doctor
Linda Joyce Nourse as Cousin Busybody (as Linda Nourse)
Michael Dozier as Maintenance Guy
Romanda Brown as New Mom
Heather White as New Mom
Daniela Sandiford as New Mom
Stephanie Costa as Co-Worker
Pauline Little as Library Worker (as Pauline Little Libarian)

Cat Lemieux as Passerby in Park
Bruce Dinsmore as Businessman
Marco Ledezma as Javier
David Baby as Older Guy on Airplane
Letitia Brookes as Day Care Lady
Milana Sayavong as Jennifer
Sorachny Tan as Jennifer’s Mom
Achilles Montes-Vamvas as Darren the Bully
Ryan S. Hill as Darren’s Friend
John Iziomon as Darren’s Friend
Jacob Williams as Darren’s Friend
Ines Feghouli as Darren’s Friend
Florence Situ as Sad Co-Worker
Alice Tran as Baby Store Cashier
Joe DeMarco as Hospital Doctor (as Joseph DeMarco)

Barbara Jasinski Raglione as Hospital Nurse
Kate MacLellan as Hospital Nurse
Jace Rubin as Kid at Carnival
Annie Yao as Bar Woman
Sarah Beauchemin as Bar Woman
Dania Mandzy as Bar Woman
Rhythm Hurd as 3 Year-Old Maddy
Ashlee Olivia as Young Mother
Nina Bloomgarden as College Kid
Rodney Alexandre as Matt’s Father (uncredited)
Sophia Brooke as Emma (uncredited)
Claudio S. Capri as Extra (uncredited)
Turhan Troy Caylak as College Kid’s Father on Phone (uncredited)
Jay Chevery as Matt’s Family Member (uncredited)

Kerrin Cochrane as CPR Mom (uncredited)
Hannah Dorozio as Barista (uncredited)
Bineyam Girma as Sympathizer #1 (uncredited)
Elaine Victoria Grey as Businesswoman – Pedestrian (uncredited)
Sheraz Habib as Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Christopher Hayes as Husband (uncredited)
Arthur Holden as Sympathizer #2 (uncredited)
Kimberly Howe as Park Goer (uncredited)
Claude Huard as Funeral Visitor (uncredited)
Christine Lan as Day Care Teacher (uncredited)

Adrian M. Mompoint as Park Goer (uncredited)
Rachel Mutombo as Brenda (uncredited)
Elizabeth Neale as Nurse (uncredited)
Luis Oliva as CPR Instructor (uncredited)
Raynnie Platz as Private School Student (uncredited)
Jozsef Ragalyi as Traveller (uncredited)
Leisa Reid as Shopping Woman (uncredited)
Anastasia Mousis Sanidopoulos as Mother (uncredited)
Bailey Thain as Park Girl (uncredited)
Christopher Tyson as Game Booth Carney (uncredited)
Gavin Wood as Little Boy in Park (uncredited)

Fatherhood 2021 Release Dates
Argentina : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Australia : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Brazil : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Canada : 18 June 2021 (internet)
China : 18 June 2021
Germany : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Spain : 18 June 2021 (internet)
France : 18 June 2021 (internet)
UK : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Hungary : 18 June 2021 (internet)
India : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Italy : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Japan : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Mexico : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Norway : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Poland : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Portugal : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Sweden : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Singapore : 18 June 2021 (internet)
Turkey : 18 June 2021 (internet)
USA : 18 June 2021 (internet)

Fatherhood 2021 Also Known As
(original title) / Australia / Canada (English title) / Germany / India (English title) / India (Hindi title) / Sweden / Mexico / UK / USA : Fatherhood
Argentina : Paternidad
Brazil : Paternidade
Canada (French title) : Un papa hors pair
Croatia : Očinstvo
Czech Republic : Otcovství
Finland : Isyys
France (alternative title) : Super Papa
France : Un papa hors pair
Greece : Πατρότητα
Hungary : Apaság
Italy : Un padre

Japan : ファザーフッド
Lithuania : Tėvystė
Norway : En god far
Poland : Ojcostwo
Portugal : Paternidade
Romania : Viață de tată
Russia : Отцовство
Singapore (Mandarin title) : 为父进行时
Spain : Ser padre
Taiwan : 為父進行式
Turkey (Turkish title) : Bir Eksik
USA (Spanish title) (new title) : Paternidad
Vietnam : Làm Cha
(working title) : Two Kisses for Maddy

Fatherhood 2021 Filming Locations
Montréal, Québec, Canada
(Notre-Dame-des-neiges Cemetery)
Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Fatherhood 2021 Based on
Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love by Matthew Logelin

Fatherhood 2021 Music by
Rupert Gregson-Williams

Fatherhood 2021 Cinematography
Tobias Datum

Fatherhood 2021 Edited by
Jay Cassidy

Fatherhood 2021 Production companies
Columbia Pictures
Bron Creative
Higher Ground Productions

Fatherhood 2021 Distributed by

Fatherhood 2021 Release date
June 18, 2021 (United States)

Fatherhood 2021 Running time
109 minutes

Fatherhood 2021 Country
United States

Fatherhood 2021 Language

Fatherhood 2021
Fatherhood 2021

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