Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Halloween Party: A college student inadvertently released a terrifying entity from the school’s past through a Halloween-themed computer meme.

Halloween Party

College student Grace (Amy Groening) received on the computer of her roommate Zoe (Marletta Laan) what she thought was a stupid Halloween-themed meme. When asked what her greatest fear was, Grace submitted an answer and told her in the message that she was saved. When her roommate refused to attend, she received a threatening message warning her that her worst fear was imminent. The girls didn’t notice, but when the tragedy happened, Grace worked with computer fan Spencer (T. Thomason) to find out where the meme came from and stop it.

Halloween party is the latest project of filmmaker Jay Dahl, and it brings more impact than you might expect from the beginning. Taking inspiration from “The Ring” and giving it a post-modern color, Dahl’s films will definitely catch you off guard. For the first 30 minutes or so, the film established a good balance between horror and comedy, but after that, it took off its gloves and constantly punched you with suction cups. After Grace and Spencer pieced together what really happened, the panic became more and more intense.

Halloween Party
Halloween Party

The purpose of the Halloween party is tension and suspense, not blood and guts, which is good for it. The visual effects are impressive, and one of the special scenes will make you feel scared when you sit on the toilet again. This is what I want to say, but just typing these words can make me shudder.

Amy Groening and T. Thomason became an energetic duo like Grace and Spencer. I am very grateful for Dahl’s choice, don’t choose to make them match romantically. This movie doesn’t need it, and they form a powerful chemical reaction like Plato’s duet, which ruins it. The two actors bounced back and exchanged tastes, but at the same time convinced you that they formed a fast and credible bond. The Halloween party is very surprising and is one of the scariest movies on Arrow Video FrightFest this year.

Directed by
Jay Dahl

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Writing Credits
Jay Dahl

Bradley Bailey as Pigman
Scott Bailey as Court
Jason Daley as Sam
Zach Faye as Bubbles
Amy Groening as Grace
Lisa Hackett as Charlotte
Marietta Laan as Zoe (as Marletta Laan)
Morgan Melnyk as Susan
Jason Morley as Jimmy
Thomas Niles
Taylor Olson as Mike
Catherine Richardson as Vicki
Geneviève Steele as Librarian
Devon Taylor as O’Brian
T. Thomason as Spencer
Shelley Thompson as Barbara MaCail

Release Dates
UK : 24 August 2019 (FrightFest)
Netherlands Antilles : 22 October 2020 (DVD premiere)
USA : 27 October 2020 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Halloween Party
Serbia : Журка за Ноћ Вештица
UK : Halloween Party

Filming Locations
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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