Homunculus (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Homunculus (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“Homunculus 2021” is a Japanese mystery horror film in which a homeless man sees the deepest wounds in people’s hearts after being beaten. Directed by Takashi Shimizu (Howling Village; The Shock Labyrinth 3D; The Grudge 2004 and sequel; Ju-on: The Grudge), adapted from the comics by Hideo Yamamoto, the movie stars Gô Ayano, Anna Ishii, Yukino Kishii, and Ryô Narita.

Homunculus 2021

Susumu Nokoshi (Go Ayano) worked for a top foreign financial company. He is now a 34-year-old homeless person, usually found near a park in Shinjuku. Then he met Manabu Ito, a medical school student, who was looking for volunteers to perform a surgical operation called “trepanation”.

Homunculus 2021
Homunculus 2021

The operation involves drilling a hole in the skull. Susumu Nokoshi is not interested in the operation, but he agreed to perform the operation at a cost of 700,000 yen. After the operation, when Susumu Nokoshi closed his right eye and saw someone with his left eye, he saw that people’s faces were deformed. Masao Ito tells him that a distorted appearance is a form that emerges from the depths of his heart. Susumu Nokoshi communicates with people who have a dark side in the subconscious.

Homunculus 2021
Homunculus 2021

Based on the manga series “Homunculus” by Hideo Yamamoto (published in the “Big Comic Spirits” magazine from July 30, 2003, to April 28, 2011). Filming started in December 2019 and will end in January 2020. The theme song of the movie is “Trepanation” by Millennium Parade.

Homunculus 2021

Homunculus 2021

Directed by
Takashi Shimizu

Writing Credits
Naruki Matsuhisa (written by)
Eisuke Naitô (written by)
Takashi Shimizu (written by)
Hideo Yamamoto (manga)

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Gô Ayano as Susumu Nokoshi
Edward Bosco as (voice)
Amber Lee Connorsas (voice)
Lucien Dodge as Manabu Ito (voice)
Doug Erholtz as Susumu Nokoshi (voice)
Kellen Goff as Ryo (voice)
Kyle Hebert as (voice)
Rachelle Heger as (voice)
Anna Ishii as Female high school student
Yukino Kishii as Mysterious woman
Aaron Meza as (voice)
Ryô Narita as Manabu Ito
Bill Rogers as (voice)
Tara Sands as (voice)
Paul St. Peter as (voice)
Laura Megan Stahl as Nanako (voice)
Seiyô Uchino as Kumicho
Marika Yamakawa as Homunculus

Produced by
Harue Miyake : producer
Chikako Nakabayashi : producer

Cinematography by
Jun Fukumoto

Sound Department
Nick Price : re-recording mixer (english version)

Visual Effects by
Satoshi Asada : vfx artist: Studio Buckhorn
Yûsuke Hayashi : vfx artist: Studio VOXEL (as Yusuke Hayashi)
Koichi Hirata : visual effects director / visual effects producer
Takashi Isami : animator: Studio VOXEL
Ayano Kawashima : vfx artist: Studio Buckhorn
Tsuyoshi Kazuno : vfx producer: Studio Buckhorn
Kazuna Kinoshita : vfx production manager: Studio Buckhorn
Shingo Kizu : modeler: Studio VOXEL
Tôru Mizuishi : cg director: Studio Buckhorn (as Toru Mizuishi)
Takeshi Nakaya : vfx artist: Studio Buckhorn

Shuntarô Ohno : compositor: Studio VOXEL (as Shuntaro Ono)
Sayuri Sakane : compositor: Studio VOXEL
Salah Soltane : vfx director: Sultamedia FX
James Swanson : 3d scanning: CyberHuman Productions
Naotaro Takahashi : visual effects supervisor
Borya Tarasov : vfx artist: Sultamedia FX
Chihiro Tsuda : vfx director: Sultamedia FX
Anji Ushio : vfx artist: Studio VOXEL
Erium Vladlen : 3d scanning: CyberHuman Productions

Makoto Arakawa : stunts
Aoi Hirota : stunts
Manami Iida : stunts
Keiji Tsujii : stunt coordinator

Editorial Department
Ryo Baba : dcp mastering: Toei Digital Lab
Yasuhara Fukuyori : assistant editor: Toei Digital Lab
Megumi Hiyama : online editor: Toei Digital Lab
Yûki Izumi : lab coordinator: Toei Digital Lab
Nanae Ogura : digital intermediate assistant: Toei Digital Lab
Hideharu Ozeki : dcp mastering: Toei Digital Lab
Soichi Satake : digital intermediate colorist: Toei Digital Lab
Kazuma Yoshida : digital intermediate assistant: Toei Digital Lab

Release Dates
Japan : 2 April 2021
Taiwan : 9 April 2021 (Taipei Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival)
Argentina : 22 April 2021 (internet)
Canada : 22 April 2021 (internet)
Germany : 22 April 2021 (internet)
Spain : 22 April 2021 (internet)
UK : 22 April 2021
Norway : 22 April 2021 (internet)
Poland : 22 April 2021 (internet)
Sweden : 22 April 2021 (internet)
Singapore : 22 April 2021 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) / Argentina / Canada (English title) / France / Germany / Italy / Poland / Spain / Sweden / UK / USA : Homunculus
Japan (Japanese title) : ホムンクルス
Russia : Гомункул

Release Date
April 2, 2021

115 min

Avex Pictures



Homunculus 2021
Homunculus 2021
Homunculus 2021
Homunculus 2021

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