“Intersect” is a 2020 American sci-fi horror feature film about the invention of the time machine by young scientists at Miskatonic University. Unfortunately, they found themselves being manipulated by mysterious, invisible forces from another dimension. Intersect will be available on-demand through 1091 Media on September 15, 2020.


Intersect: A group of young Miskastonik University scientists invented time machines, only to learn that they are being manipulated by mysterious and invisible forces from another dimension.


Directed by
Gus Holwerda

Writing Credits
Gus Holwerda

James Morrison as Bill Marshall
Richard Dawkins as Q42 / Computer
Jason Spisak as Ryan Winrich
Abe Ruthless as Nate Beaumont
Leeann Dearing as Caitlin Webb
Jose Rosete as Abner Rosen
Dartagnan Driscoll as Young Ryan
Kelcey Bligh as Young Caitlin
Ryan Adelson as Young Nate
Jacob Lacy as Young Abner
Michaela Dean as Emma

Frank Aaron as Detective
J. Benton as Onlooker
Garrett Boyd as Geoffrey
Joe DiGiovanni as Bully
Slade Hall as Larry Fincher
Lawrence Krauss as Professor
Kate Kugler as Claudia
Mike Lawler as Dean Foster
Randy Messersmith as Dr. Matheson
Dawn Nixon as Crazy Lady Protestor
Debby Rosenthal as Gail Winrich

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Release Dates
USA : 12 February 2020 (Boston SciFi Film Festival)
USA : 15 September 2020

Also Known As
(original title) : Intersect
Canada (English title) : Intersect
UK : Intersect
USA : Intersect

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