Knuckledust (2020) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Knuckledust (2020) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Knuckledust 2020 is an upcoming action thriller directed by James Kermack. When a special police task force kicked open the door of the underground elite fighting lair-Knuckledster Club, they discovered seven hells filled with the bodies of countless warriors, assassins, and poisonous men. Only one person who was beaten to a pulp and almost breathed is still alive: eight years old. As government officials took him away behind the scenes, Chief Inspector Katherine Keaton and her team had 90 minutes to interrogate the “hard eight” to find out whether it was the only survivor of the multiple murderers. As the lie flew out of everyone’s mouth and corruption became apparent, Keaton began to wonder “Who is the real criminal?”


“In Knuckledust, the police found an elite fight club, where they found seven underground floors filled with the bodies of fighters from all over the world. Only one person was found alive. If he is the Holocaust or the only survivor, the working group must calculate”.


The main photography of Knuckledust began on October 28, 2019. After shooting in many European countries, the photography ended in the UK on December 3, 2019.



Directed by
James Kermack

Writing Credits
James Kermack

Olivier Richters as Rawbone
Kate Dickie as Keaton
Phil Davis as Happy
Moe Dunford as Hard Eight
Gethin Anthony as Jeremiah
Amy Bailey as Chrissy
Alex Ferns as Major Vaughn
Jaime Winstone as Redmond
David Schaal as Father Arkancide
Yolanda Lynes as Ally Maxwell

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Sebastien Foucan as Tick Tock
Guillaume Delaunay as Tombstone
Camille Rowe as Serena
James Kermack as Maccready
Simon Ellis as Elite Guest
Christy O’Donnell as Private Bench
Jason Beeston as The Butch / S&M Goon
Chris Patrick-Simpson as Not Now Nigel
Kamontip Krissy Ashton as Elite Guest
Rohan Gurbaxani as Requin
Lee Byford as Elite Club Security

Matthew Stathers as Hot Lips
Nina Romain as Elite Guest
Paul Eibich as Club Member
Lee River as Goon
Robbie Main as Elite Guest
David Faure as SOCO Partridge
Kezie Ejibe as Businessman
Dave Bibby as Hooper
Jamie McKie as Jack
Nicole Luber as Elite Guest

David P Perlmutter as Elite Guest
Mark Jason Williams as Elite Guest
Mark J Sapsford as Elite Guest
Annie Hawkins as Elite Party Guest
Nils Rebehn as Sniper
Buchi Osuji as Dispatcher (voice)
Anastasia Vlachou as Elite Guest
Jack Pinney as Elite Guest
James Heather as Policeman

Also Known As
(original title) : Knuckledust
Australia : Knuckledust
UK : Knuckledust

Music by
Walter Mair

Pat Aldinger

Edited by
Chris Gill
Natasha Wilkinson

Production companies
Featuristic Films
The Project
Head Gear Films
OneWorld Entertainment
Trigger Films
IIW Studio

Distributed by
Samuel Goldwyn Films

Running time
95 minutes

United Kingdom


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