Mortal is a 2020 Norwegian English fantasy action film directed and directed by André Øvredal, with a soundtrack by Marcus Paus. The film is inspired by Norse mythology. It plays Nat Wolff as Eric, a young man who discovers that he has the godlike power of ancient Norse mythology. Initially, Robert Sheehan played the role. The film was released on February 28, 2020, by Nordisk Film. It is funded by the Norwegian government. The dialogue in the film is in English and Norwegian. Except for Wolff, most of the actors are in Norwegian.


When the lone traveler Eric (Wolff) faced a group of locals in Norway, the mortal began to leave. The incident resulted in the death of one of the boys, and there was no clear explanation for the incident. The police turned to psychologist Christine (Akerlie) to deal with her terrible news. She was trying to get from Eric. Get the answer. When Eric accidentally released his uncontrollable power, he saw his transport helicopter crash, and he rescued the chief agent of Hartway (Bose), he escaped back to Christine for help, The two looked for answers together.

Eric has been living for many years after the tragedy in his family home. When a group of strangers saw him wandering alone, he warned them of his own power, which showed that he was actually uncontrollable. He found himself He was arrested, and he did start to learn how to control his power and return to a world that was once backward. Christine is a psychologist who was asked to ask for help to get to Eric. She has her own tragic news and thinks this is a time to help another person with her kind nature opportunity.

In the process of trying and learning Eric’s story, she helped Eric try and hinted at the authorities. Hathaway is the chief agent trying to help Eric and make the most of her power. She leads the team to follow Eric and needs to make difficult decisions.


Nat Wolff, who plays the protagonist, did a great job, bringing a reclusive character into life, trying to decide right from wrong. Iben Akerlie is the star here, and her performance brings to life her always playing the right role. Priyanka Bose played a very good role, only we can see more from the role.

The story here is of a lonely survivor who was once lost. He reappears in a mysterious death. He is looking for answers to explain why he has acquired these dangerous and powerful abilities. This story penetrates Norse mythology by trying to open up a new method to explore and create power. This indeed establishes a balance between power and good and evil. In the process of learning a small part of the content, we really need to investigate the mystery of what happened to the Eric family.

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The action in the movie is great, most of the sequences in the movie revolve around the electrical power that Eric seems to have, and the bridge sequence is the highlight of everything. This is an interesting fantasy movie that does have the same resonance with “Chronicle”, “X-Men” and “Brightburn”, showing us what may happen in daily life.

Directed by
André Øvredal

Writing Credits
Geoff Bussetil
Norman Lesperance
André Øvredal

Nat Wolff as Eric
Priyanka Bose as Hathaway
Iben Akerlie as Christine
Arthur Hakalahti as Ole
Ravdeep Singh Bajwa as Radiologist
Ania Nova as Ole’s Sister (as Anna Sedunova)
Oddrun Valestrand as Hospital Doctor
Kai Kolstad Rødseth as PST Officer
Per Frisch as Henrik
Per Egil Aske as Bjørn

Sunniva Lind Høverstad as Crying Woman
Sveinung Augestad as Hathaway’s Representative
Craig Narveson as Superior
Inger Berit Grøterud as Local Police Officer
Torunn Lødemel Stokkeland as Therese
Niko Rusakov as Army soldier
Martin Grid Toennesen as EMT
Alexander Zwart as Construction Worker
Phillip Holloman as Hospital Doctor
Geir Kaspersen as FSK soldier / Sniper

Geir Dolonen-Marthinussen as Police Officer
Bettina Fleischer as Receptionist
Tore Chr. Sævold as Father
Lone Klein as Doctor
Jan Ove Nilsestuen as Police Officer
Eigil Solberg Smørås as Deputy
Slawomir Poplawski
Eirik M. Bøe as Soldier (uncredited)
Nataniel Nordnes as Extra (uncredited)
Mathilde Austegard Ypsøy as Radio reporter (uncredited)

Release Dates
Norway : 28 February 2020
France : 26 June 2020 (internet)
Spain : 31 July 2020 (limited)
UK : 3 August 2020 (internet)
Finland : 24 August 2020 (Night Visions Film Festival)
France : 2 September 2020 (DVD premiere)
USA : 6 November 2020 (internet)
USA : 10 November 2020 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Mortal
Australia : Mortal
Canada (French title) : Mortal
Canada (English title) : Mortal
France : Mortal
Germany : Mortal
India (English title) : Mortal
Italy : Mortal
Mexico : Mortal
Norway : Torden
Russia : Бог грома
Spain : Mortal
Spain (Spanish title) : Mortal
UK : Mortal
USA : Mortal
Vietnam : Hậu Duệ Thần Sấm

Filming Locations

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