Music (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Music (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Music 2021 is a musical film directed by singer-songwriter Sia. The film is co-starred by Sia and Dallas Clayton as well as Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr, and Maddie Ziegler. This marked Sia’s directorial debut. This movie is about a drug dealer who just woke up, is the only guardian of her half-sister Music.

Music 2021

It will be released by StudioCanal in Australia on January 14, 2021, and will be screened one night in some IMAX theaters in the United States on February 10, 2021. It will then be released on demand by Vertical Entertainment on February 12, 2021. Music is generally unfavorable by critics but was nominated for the Hudson Award for Best Film-Musical or Comedy Film and Best Actress-Film Comedy or Musical at the 78th Golden Globe Awards.

Music 2021

Music 2021

Kazu “Zu” Gamble (Kate Hudson) is a recently sober drug dealer. After the death of her grandmother raising Music, she was estranged from her family and the sole guardian of her young autistic half-length sister Music (Maddie Ziegler). Throughout the movie, musical fragments occur in Music’s mind, showing how she sees the world.

Zu conducts a drug deal with the help of his close friend Rudy, but cannot pay back because he has no job, so he is forced to stay in the city to take care of the music. One morning, when the ancestor was unable to braid his hair, the music lost his temper. Her neighbor Ebo Odom came to help calm the Music.

In this way, Zu and Ebo became good friends and began to learn from each other, including Ebo’s family story. The wife left him to his brother. This allows the ancestor to rely on him, and then she promises to accompany him to the wedding when she agrees to invite him, so that he will not be alone.

Ebo is a boxer who also teaches children boxing. One of them is Felix. He can watch music. He didn’t like boxing, but was forced to do so by his father, but he was more caring and lovely than anyone thought. Zu learned that Ebo learns how to take care of music to help her, but still has to take drugs so she can fly to Costa Rica and live a good life.

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However, Ebo disappeared suddenly, but was discovered when Zu found out that he had HIV and bought the medicine from Rudy. This makes Zu’s life more difficult because she no longer has the help of friends.

When Zu and Music are walking together, when Music is hurt by a bee, Zu will be distracted and have an allergic reaction. She was later hospitalized. Zu found that when Music was stabbed, she lost her purse, which contained all her personal belongings and drugs, and she could not afford the treatment.

The catalyst of the incident caused Zu to start drinking again after being clean. Zu tried to stay with Ebo while drunk and caused the scene. The police were called to reveal that she was on probation. On the same night, Felix’s parents had a physical argument, which caused his father to accidentally kill him.

When the motherland woke up the next morning, her nose was bleeding, and no one cared about her. Ebo attended the wedding of his brother and ex-wife with Zu and Music. At the same time, Zu put music in the adoption center, but couldn’t help himself. Zu decided to attend the wedding and accompany Ebo as planned, and prepare to sing for Ebo’s brother.

However, the music interrupted and sang, showing that she was satisfied with her situation. Music later received a new dog, Felix had seen that dog before.

Music 2021
Music 2021

Music 2021

Sia stated in May 2019 that the film was scheduled to be released in October of that year. It is expected that by June 2020, the film will be released later in 2020, but will be further postponed to early 2021. The film’s producer announced in October 2020 that Hanwei Film will be responsible for global sales, distribution and marketing. Sia released a trailer for music on November 19, 2020. Publisher Vertical Entertainment released the US trailer on January 15, 2021.

The music was released by StudioCanal in Australia on January 14, 2021. In the United States, it was screened in selected IMAX theaters for one night on February 10, 2021, followed by an advanced video-on-demand broadcast nationwide on February 12, which is scheduled for February and March in multiple other markets issued. The film will also be released on DVD and Blu-ray in March 2021.

Music 2021 Directed by

Music 2021 Writing Credits
Sia (screenplay by) &
Dallas Clayton (screenplay by)
Sia (story by)

Music 2021 Cast
Maddie Ziegler as Music
Mary Kay Place as Millie
Leslie Odom Jr. as Ebo
Braeden Marcott as Nassir
Beto Calvillo as Felix
Blair Williamson as Abel
Hector Elizondo as George
Eric Davis as Police Officer
Kate Hudson as Zu
Sarah Zinsser as Woman at AA Meeting
Tig Notaro as Radgicals Host
Lena Dunham as Administrator on Phone with Zu
Luoyong Wang as Felix’s Dad
Celeste Den as Felix’s Mom

Ben Schwartz as Rudy
Juliette Lewis as Evelyn
Kathy Najimy as Evelyn’s Mom
Brandon Soo Hoo as Tanner, the Boxer
John Ales as Enzo, the Pawnbroker
Diana Diaz as Hayley, Popstar’s Assistant / ‘Could I Love With No Fear’ Dancer
Sia as Popstar Without Borders
Abhimanyu Katyal as Snow Cone Cart Guy
Angelica Ross as Urgent Care Doctor
Maria Ochoa as Urgent Care Nurse
Reggie Dechard as Boxing Announcer
Henry Rollins as Ebo’s Neighbor
Betsy Sodaro as Probation Officer
Sherry Cola as Coffee Shop Manager
Parvesh Cheena as Electronics Store Manager

Mariana Marroquin as Care Facility Administrator
Jimmy Jolliff as Wedding DJ
Nancy Friedrich as Service Dog Woman
Angelina Capozzoli as ‘Oh Body’ Dancer / ‘Together’ Dancer
Artyon Celestine as ‘Oh Body’ Dancer / ‘Together’ Dancer
Noah Citek as ‘Oh Body’ Dancer / ‘Together’ Dancer
Alyssa Gore as ‘Oh Body’ Dancer / ‘Together’ Dancer
Marlon Pelayo as The Mop-Bodied Dog
Léa Catania as ‘1+1’ Dancer (as Lea Catania)
Ashley Cinq-Mars as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Justin Deanda as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Sophina DeJesus as ‘1+1’ Dancer

Rachel Evans as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Michelle Foster as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Reshma Gajjar as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Hunter Hamilton as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Alaina Hoolihan as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Morgan Jenkins as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Casey Johansen as ‘1+1’ Dancer
LuLu Lam as ‘1+1’ Dancer (as Lulu Lam)
Michael Munday as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Kaylie O’Meara as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Joseph V. Oreste as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Justin Porter as ‘1+1’ Dancer (as Justin E. Porter)

Morgan Quinn as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Sasha Rivero as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Haylee Roderick as ‘1+1’ Dancer
River Sadlon as ‘1+1’ Dancer / ‘Together’ Dancer
Courtney Scarr as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Chris Silcox as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Tyne Stecklein as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Ben Tardif as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Freddie Tisdale as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Teddie Tisdale as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Alyson Van as ‘1+1’ Dancer (as Alyson Kandace Van)
Gina Weber as ‘1+1’ Dancer (as Gina Webber)
Charis Wilde as ‘1+1’ Dancer
Jasmine Albuquerque as ‘Could I Love With No Fear’ Dancer (as Jasmine Albuquerque-Croissant)
Monique Cash as ‘Could I Love With No Fear’ Dancer (as Monique L. Cash)

Grant Gilmore as ‘Could I Love With No Fear’ Dancer
Ryan Heffington as ‘Could I Love With No Fear’ Dancer
Nick Lanzisera as ‘Could I Love With No Fear’ Dancer
Jillian Schmitz ‘as Could I Love With No Fear’ Dancer
Christine Avila as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Cheryl Baxter as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Cindera Che as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Daniel Mark Collins as ‘Easy’ Dancer (as Daniel Collins)
Laura Fremont as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Sara Jane Gould as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Nanci L. Hammond as ‘Easy’ Dancer (as Nanci L. Hammond Sheck)
Michele Hart as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Marlene Hoffman as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Elisabeth Jee as ‘Easy’ Dancer (as Elizabeth Jee)
Bonnie Kalisher as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Diane Kelber as ‘Easy’ Dancer

Pat Loeb as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Carol Mack as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Dexter Mayfield as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Judy Nazemetz as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Nancy Dobbs Owen as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Beverly Polcyn as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Bill Prudich as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Julia Sanford as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Deborah Sharpe-Taylor as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Troy Terashita as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Beverly Wilkerson as ‘Easy’ Dancer
Valentina Acosta as ‘Together’ Dancer

Cody Copley as ‘Together’ Dancer
Sophia Frilot as ‘Together’ Dancer
Lily Rose Silver as ‘Together’ Dancer
Zander Ayeroff as Cleo (uncredited)
Raphael Bey-Morgan as Singer (uncredited)
Massiel Hernandez as Zumba Student (uncredited)
Alexandria Lee as Radgical (uncredited)
Jacob Taylor as Supportive Couple (uncredited)
Venessa Verdugo as Zumba Student (uncredited)
Christina Veronica as AA Attendee (uncredited)

Music 2021 Release Dates
Australia : 14 January 2021
Brazil : 14 January 2021
Italy : 17 January 2021 (internet)
New Zealand : 28 January 2021
Russia : 4 February 2021
USA : 10 February 2021 (IMAX)
Argentina : 11 February 2021 (internet)
Canada : 12 February 2021 (internet)
USA : 12 February 2021 (internet)
UK : 15 February 2021 (internet)
Spain : 19 February 2021
Singapore : 25 February 2021
Norway : 26 February 2021
France : 9 March 2021 (internet)
Germany : 19 March 2021 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) / Argentina / Australia / Canada (French title) / France / Germany / India (English title) / Italy / Mexico / Spain (teaser title) / UK / USA : Music
Russia : Мьюзик
(working title) : Sister

Sebastian Winterø

Edited by
Matt Chessé
Curtiss Clayton
Dana Congdon

Production companies
HanWay Films
Atlantic Films
Pineapple Lasagne Productions
Landay Entertainment
Crush Films

Distributed by
HanWay Films (International)
Vertical Entertainment (United States)

Release date
January 14, 2021 (Australia)
February 12, 2021 (United States)

Running time
107 minutes

United States


$16 million

Box office

Music 2021
Music 2021

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