Once Upon a Snowman

Once Upon a Snowman

“Once Upon a Snowman” is a 2020 American computer animation music fantasy short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It was released on Disney+ on October 23, 2020. “Snowman” is part of the “Frozen” series and took place during the “Frozen” event (2013). The short film tells what happened after Olaf was founded by Elsa and before he met Anna, Kristoff, and Sven.

Once Upon a Snowman

In Elsa’s song “Let It Go”, the snowman Olaf becomes alive. But before doing anything, Elsa released her cloak, which flew down and knocked him down the mountain until he hit a tree. Not knowing who he was or why he was still alive, Olaf decided to find an identity for himself. He came to the wandering Okun’s trading post and sauna (Kristoff can be heard singing “The reindeer is better than humans” in the barn), and Anna was flattened by the front door, and Anna did not notice him when she exited , Carrying a bag of carrots (she will eventually hand the money to Christoph and Sven as payment).

Olaf enters the post office and meets Oaken. Olaf’s face asked for a nose, possibly a carrot, but Oaken explained that he sold the last batch and decided to try various other items to help him. One of the objects is an old-fashioned view master with a “summer” image. Olaf was immediately taken by it, wanting to experience it, and then settled the sausage on his nose.

Once Upon a Snowman
Once Upon a Snowman

When Olaf left his new nose happily, a group of wolves suddenly appeared and started chasing him through the snowy tundra. During that time, Anna and Christoph could be heard arguing with each other about the concept of love. Olaf passed by them, again unnoticed, which caused the wolf to suddenly turn its attention to them. Olaf continued to slide, witnessing Anna, Christopher and Sven jumping across the canyon while abandoning the sled. Olaf slid to the bottom and found a carrot that had fallen, but it was crushed by the sled.

Olaf’s sausage nose broke, which made him very sad. When he saw a wolf crying pitifully on his nose, Olaf gave it to him, believing that he needed it more than he did. The wolf licked him happily before leaving. Olaf commented that it was like a warm hug, which suddenly reminded him of the time Anna and Elsa were playing together. Finally realizing who he is, he said: “I am Olaf. I like warm hugs.” During the credit period, it can be seen that Olaf meets Anna, Christophe, and Sven, the latter will eventually leave him with a carrot nose.

Directed by
Dan Abraham
Trent Correy

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Produced by
Nicole P. Hearon
Peter Del Vecho

Written by
Dan Abraham
Trent Correy

Kristen Bell
Idina Menzel
Jonathan Groff
Josh Gad

Music by
Christophe Beck
Jeff Morrow

Edited by
Jeff Draheim

Production Company
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Walt Disney Pictures

Distributed by

Release date
October 23, 2020

United States


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