Palmer (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Palmer (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Palmer 2021 is an American drama film directed by Fisher Stevens and created by Cheryl Guerriero. Justin Timberlake was a former college football star and now a former criminal. He started coaching and gradually became the father of a little boy (Ryder Allen); Alisha Wainwright, June Squibb, And Juno Temple also starred. It was released digitally by Apple TV+ on January 29, 2021. ​​The film received universal acclaim from critics, who praised their performance and theme, despite noticing its familiarity.

Palmer 2021

Eddie Palmer is a former high school football star who was a felon and was released from prison 12 years later. He lives with his grandmother Vivian, who sometimes takes care of a gorgeous little boy named Sam.

Palmer eventually started working as a janitor in the local school, and after Vivian’s death, Palmer was forced to become Sam’s temporary guardian, and his mother Shirley kept leaving the town. Although he didn’t want to have any relationship with Sam at first, Palmer quickly established contact with the boy, took him to high school football matches and bowling fundraising activities, and established a relationship with Sam’s teacher Maggie.

One day, Sam came home crying after some of his classmates’ fathers treated him roughly with makeup. Palmer beat one of them in the bar. Shirley returned to Sam, but then the Child Protection Service took him away. Palmer tried to obtain custody, but was refused due to his parole status. Returning to Shirley temporarily, Sam is pushed by his mother’s abusive boyfriend Jerry during the fight, and Palmer takes him. Shirley refused to raise the charges and chose to hand over Palmer’s parental custody to Sam.

Palmer 2021
Palmer 2021

Palmer 2021

The script first appeared on the blacklist in 2016. In September 2019, it was announced that Justin Timberlake starred in Eddie Palmer, Fisher Stevens directed by Cheryl Guerrero directed. In October 2019, actor Alisha Wainwright and next month’s Ryder Allen were both selected.

The main photography works were held in New Orleans from November 9th to December 13th, 2019. The soundtrack of this film was produced by Tamar-kali.

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In July 2020, Apple TV+ obtained the distribution rights for the movie and released it on January 29, 2021. Palmer released the second largest film on the platform, ranking third overall. This is also part of the 33% increase in ratings during the opening weekend, setting a new record for Apple TV+.

Palmer 2021
Palmer 2021

Palmer 2021

Directed by
Fisher Stevens

Writing Credits
Cheryl Guerriero

Justin Timberlake as Palmer
Ryder Allen as Sam
Alisha Wainwright as Maggie
Juno Temple as Shelly
June Squibb as Vivian
Lance E. Nichols as Sibs (as Lance Nichols)
Molly Sue Harrison as Emily
J.D. Evermore as Principal Forbes
Dean Winters as Jerry
Wynn Everett as Lucille
Jesse C. Boyd as Coles (as Jesse Boyd)
Dane Rhodes as Coles Senior

Stephen Louis Grush as Daryl
Carson Minniear as Toby
Nicholas X. Parsons as Ned
Craig Sheffer as Bartender Cosimo
Rachel G. Whittle as Darleen (as Rachel Guidry Whittle)
Stacie Davis as Holly Massee
Cristine McMurdo-Wallis as Dot Landry (as Christine McMurdo-Wallis)
Theodus Crane as Parole Officer (as Theo Crane)
John McConnell as Hogan Leroux
Matthew M. Dillon as Sibs’ Friend
Charmin Lee as Judge Ellen Antheem
Marjorie Parker as Young Female Clerk

Zonia Pelensky as Grocery Mart Clerk
Hero Hunter as Boy
Thomas Richardson as Another Boy
Ray Gaspard as Pastor
Jake Brennan as Jake
Gabriel Sky as Charlie (as Gabriel Sky Kindar-Martin)
Dann Fink as Additional Voices (voice)
Michael Wayne Fredric as Additional Voices (voice)
Daphne Gaines as Additional Voices (voice)
Heaven MacPherson as Additional Voices (voice)
Mark St. Cyr as Additional Voices (voice)
Bruce Winant as Additional Voices (voice) (as Bruce Nielsen Winant)

Fisher Stevens as Additional Voices (voice)
April Alsbury as Church Goer (uncredited)
Michael Biss as Teacher (uncredited)
Ron Centanni as Bus Rider (uncredited)
Wendy Conrad as Bowler in Bowling Alley Scene (uncredited)
Jay Florsheim as Football Referee (uncredited)
Timothy Hinrichs as Bowler (uncredited)
James Kendrick as Football Fan (uncredited)
Suzette Lange as Teacher (uncredited)
Justine Salas as Principal Forbes’ Wife (uncredited)
Charles Sans as Bartender (uncredited)
Joey Traywick asBar Patron (uncredited)

Release Dates
Argentina : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Australia : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Brazil : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Canada : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Germany : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Spain : 29 January 2021 (internet)
France : 29 January 2021 (internet)
UK : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Hungary : 29 January 2021 (internet)
India : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Italy : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Japan : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Mexico : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Netherlands : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Poland : 29 January 2021 (internet)
Singapore : 29 January 2021 (internet)
USA : 29 January 2021 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) / Argentina / Australia / Brazil / Canada (English title) / Canada (French title) / France / Germany / India (English title) / Italy / Mexico / Poland / Spain / UK / USA : Palmer
Japan (Japanese title) : ハーマー
Russia : Палмер
Taiwan : 帕瑪
Ukraine : Палмер

Filming Locations
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Louisiana, USA

Filming Dates
9 November 2019 – 13 December 2019

Music by

Tobias A. Schliessler

Edited by
Geoffrey Richman

Production companies
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Rhea Films
Hercules Film Fund

Distributed by
Apple TV+

Release date
January 29, 2021

Running time
110 minutes

United States


$6.7 million

Palmer 2021
Palmer 2021

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