“Pinocchio” is an Italian fantasy film co-directed and directed by Matteo Garrone, adapted from the book “Pinocchio” by Italian writer Carlo Collodi (Carlo Collodi) in 1883.


Matteo Garrone’s charming 1883 classic version of Carlo Carloodi attracts adults and teenagers with its cute characters and sharp social commentary.

Garrone’s latest novel has been described as Green or Hoffman’s dark bedtime warning tales, some of which are dressed in luxurious clothes and decorated with the shadows of 2015 fairy tales. But the animals here pretend to be humans, and vice versa. Although they are obviously not cunning, they turn more to terrifying areas and warn children of the disastrous consequences of misbehavior in exaggerated ways.

This Pinocchio is always faithful to the page. Roberto Benigni is the wood husband Geppetto. He begged for a box of firewood from a friend and made a puppet to replace what he never had. son.

But Garrone brought Benigni under control in the 2002 weird adaptation, where he also apparently played the lead role, and in the first few scenes, the eight-year-old Federico Pinocchio of Federico Ielapi escaped. He used 5 gold coins to run for wealth, a naive but disobedient puppet child. But in one of the more sinister scenes of this movie, he hasn’t burnt his feet by the stove before.

The ancient fishing villages near Bari and the roasting landscape of Sienna provide a vivid background for this story, which is undoubtedly fascinating, while the media audience of the Berlin Film Festival has a naive fascination and little Come on strike to watch.

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The faces and eyes of Pinocchio and some other puppets live authentically behind them. A small talking cricket (Davide Marotta) is very cute, as is the money-like judge (Teco Celio), he sent Pinocchio to court, “because innocent people always go to jail , The release of sin.”

This is the subject of his social irony. In a delightful scene, Pinocchio’s nose grows up while lying on the bed, and becomes a branch of myna chicks pecking at it.

Garrone and Massimo Ceccherini collaborated on the script, which was basically a series of adventure activities that showed how Pinocchio refused to do homework and made mistakes like all boys, and eventually became a donkey sold to slavery.

He was eaten almost alive and became the prey of a pair of feline crooks (played by Ceccherini and Rocco Papaleo) who desperately wanted to make money with their own money. Enter the famous “Magic Money Tree”. Jeremy Corbyn is widely known, even though the visionary was not involved in this fairy tale.

However, the Blue Demon did it precisely and she grew into a beautiful woman (Marine Vacth), who took care of Pinocchio with the assistance of a snail-like butler. In the end, the boy got better, his reward came with a moving and magic ending, and brought a classic happy ending.

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