Ride or Die (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Ride or Die (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“Ride or Die 2021” is a Japanese psychological thriller written by Nami Sakkawa and directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, starring Kiko Mizuhara and Honami Sato the film. The film is adapted from Ching Nakamura’s manga series “Gunjō” and will be released by Netflix on April 15, 2021.

Ride or Die 2021

Rei is a lesbian in her 20s. After learning that her former classmate Nanae was suffering from her husband’s brutal domestic violence, she decided to kill him to show her love for Nanae. Nanae is full of disgust and fear of murder, but Rei accepts that the result of his decision is only to save Nanae. When courting each other, Li and Naimiao find themselves in incompatible emotions.

Ride or Die 2021
Ride or Die 2021

In October 2020, it was announced that Netflix is ​​developing a manga adapted from a live-action movie. The title of the movie is “Ride or Die” (“Kanojo” in Japanese (“Her” or “Girlfriend” in Japanese)). World premiere.

Ride or Die 2021
Kanojo 2021

Ride or Die 2021

Original title

Directed by
Ryuichi Hiroki

Screenplay by
Nami Sakkawa

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Based on
Gunjō by Ching Nakamura

Kiko Mizuhara as Rei Nagasawa
Honami Sato as Nanae Shinoda

Music by
Haruomi Hosono

Distributed by

Release date
April 15, 2021

Running time
142 minutes



Ride or Die 2021
Kanojo 2021
Ride or Die 2021
Kanojo 2021

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