Run is a 2020 American mystery thriller directed by Aneesh Chaganty and co-written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian. The movie starred Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen. Run is expected to be released by Hulu on November 20, 2020.


Chloe Sherman is curious about what her mother Diane Sherman (Diane Sherman) is hiding. She looked for “Diane Sherman” on the Internet, but the connection was disabled. Chloe saw Diane’s hallucinations coming from the dining room but disappeared. The next morning, she looked at the pill and saw the name “Diane Sherman” and the label “run” on it.

At dinner, Chloe began to feel burdened. However, Diane told her that she was just trying to protect herself. After dinner, Chloe checked the pill, but it disappeared. Diana saw her husband Ted and Chloe’s childhood scenes in the living room. Diane started to have nightmares about her losing her baby. In a flash, Diane and Ted divorced.

Chloe texted her mother to her friend Kammy, but Kammy texted her that her computer was malfunctioning. Diane then cried in the shower, unable to remove the scar on his back. Chloe went to the drugstore to buy more medicine, but was stopped by Diane. Then, Chloe gave Kammy the medicine, but Kammy refused to answer.

Chloe finally searched for Diane’s information and discovered that she was Ted’s drug dealer and killer after the divorce. Chloe escaped in a wheelchair, but was then injured by Kammy, who was found to be working for Diane. Diane takes Chloe to the hospital. The doctor tried to inject Chloe with flu, but Chloe escaped and attacked Kami. While packing, Chloe heard Diane coming and hid in the closet.

Diane came in and tried to knock her down with a syringe. Then Chloe fell downstairs, then rose up in the attic, and then climbed onto the roof. Diane then developed post-traumatic stress disorder and began to age. She was then taken to the hospital and Diane tried to forgive her for what she had done. However, the people refused and let her die. After Diane’s death, Chloe committed suicide by jumping off the cliff.

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During the final credit period, they showed a 360-degree tour of Chloe’s house, which has now collapsed.


In June 2018, Lionsgate announced that it would produce, distribute and fund the film, the screenplay directed by Aneesh Chaganty and directed by Sev Ohanian. Ohanian and Natalie Qasabian will make movies. In October 2018, Sarah Paulson joined the cast of the movie. In December 2018, Kiera Allen joined the film’s cast. The main photography starts on October 31, 2018 and ends on December 18, 2018.

Torin Borrowdale had previously collaborated with Chaganty in Searching, so he scored the film. According to Borrowdale, the goal of the film’s music director is to “get the essence of Bernard Herrmann, but get the movie experience in 2020.”

The movie was originally scheduled to be released on May 8, 2020, which coincides with the Mother’s Day weekend. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus has been withdrawn from the plan. Lionsgate intends to announce a new release date, “Once the cinema has more clarity, it will reopen. The film was originally scheduled to be released on January 24, 2020. In August 2020, Hulu won The film’s distribution rights are scheduled to be released on November 20, 2020.

Directed by
Aneesh Chaganty

Writing Credits
Aneesh Chaganty
Sev Ohanian

Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman
Kiera Allen as Chloe Sherman
Onalee Ames as Crying Hands
Pat Healy as Ted Sherman
Carter Heintz as Nivea Boy
Sara Sohn as Kammy
Clark Webster as Loser
Conan Hodgkinson as Winner
Erik Athavale as Doctor
Bradley Sawatzky as Obstetrician
Steve Pacaud as Doctor (uncredited)
Derek James Trapp as Nurse (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 8 October 2020 (Nightstream Film Festival)
Canada : 20 November 2020 (internet)
Hungary : 20 November 2020
Lithuania : 20 November 2020
USA : 20 November 2020 (internet)
Vietnam : 20 November 2020
Portugal : 26 November 2020
Spain : 27 November 2020
Turkey : 4 December 2020
Mexico : 17 December 2020
Netherlands : 24 December 2020
Slovakia 31 : December 2020

Also Known As
(original title) : Run
Australia : Run
Brazil : Run
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : Бягай
Canada (English title) : Run
France : Run
Germany : Run
Hungary (literal title) : Fuss
India (English title) : Run
Italy : Run

Lithuania : Bek
Mexico : Corre
Portugal : Corre!
Serbia : Бежи
Slovakia : Bež!
Slovenia : Beži
Spain : Mamá te quiere
Turkey (Turkish title) : Kaç
UK : Run
USA : Run
Vietnam : Trốn Chạy

Music by
Torin Borrowdale

Hillary Spera

Edited by
Nick Johnson
Will Merrick

Production Company

Distributed by

Release date
October 8, 2020 (Nightstream)
November 20, 2020 (United States)

United States


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