Sacrifice (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Sacrifice (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Sacrifice 2021: After the death of his mother, Isaac and his pregnant wife Emma returned to the remote Norwegian island where they were born to deal with the unexpected legacy. They find themselves in a nightmare, because an ancient cosmic horror is awakening their birthright.

Sacrifice 2021

Sacrifice 2021

This is a Lovecraft-style horror movie that releases poisonous masculinity when the elderly lurking in nearby waters. A young couple Isaac and Emma are pregnant and they are pregnant with their first child. They returned to Isaac’s home to claim his inheritance, which resembled a strange castle. Although the couple’s travel prospects are exciting, they do not want terror on the island. Renate’s cult activities of worshiping ancient gods pose a major threat to the safety of Isaac, Emma, and their unborn children. Sacrifice is a popular addition to the Lovecraftian horror subcategory and will definitely make it one of the best of 2021.

Lovecraft-style horror movie
Lovecraft-style horror movie

The movie will be staged a limited theater release in the United States on February 5, 2021, and then scheduled to release the video on demand on February 9, 2021. As of the writing of this article, these dates have not been changed, and given that now and now are approaching, its original premiere may not change at all. Fans of Lovecraft and Lovecraftian Horror can look forward to the release of “Sacrifice” in early February.

Directed by
Andy Collier
Toor Mian

Writing Credits
Andy Collier (story)
Paul Kane (based on a short story by)
Toor Mian (story, screenplay)

Barbara Crampton as Renate
Sophie Stevens as Emma
Ludovic Hughes as Isaac
Lukas Loughran as Gunnar
Johanna Adde Dahl as Astrid
Jack Kristiansen as Ledvor
Erik Lundin as Hallstein
Dag Soerlie as Matias

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Release Dates
UK : 22 October 2020 (FrightFest)
USA : 5 February 2021

Also Known As
(original title) / UK / USA : Sacrifice

Filming Locations
London, England, UK

Sacrifice 2021

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