Sentinelle (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Sentinelle (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Sentinelle 2021 is a French action thriller directed by Julien Leclercq, written by Julien Leclercq and Matthieu Serveau, starring Olga Kurylenko, Marilyn Lima and Michel Nabokoff.

Sentinelle 2021

Klara served in the French army in Syria and was the translator of Opération Chammal. After arresting a suspicious terrorist, she witnessed the man’s young son blowing up explosives hidden in his body under his father’s order. Injured in the explosion and experiencing a migraine, she was sent back to Nice and moved back with her mother Maria and sister Tania, while serving as part of Opération Sentinelle in anti-terrorism operations. When patrolling, her trauma manifested as an impulse towards the suspect, and sometimes even a disproportionate act of violence. The painkillers she prescribed were not enough for her, and she started buying more painkillers illegally.

One night, Clara and Tanya went to a nightclub. Tania separated from Klara, joined a Russian party, and signaled Klara that she would leave with them. Klara stared at her sister when she started dancing with a woman, and then had a lesbian try with her. The next day, she was told that Tania had been raped and beaten into a coma. Clara begins her own investigation of the crime, checks the club’s security video, finds out the name of the person Tania is with, and takes a picture of him in the video.

The French police captain Mueller in charge of the investigation identified the suspect as Yvan Kadnikov, Leonid Kadnikov’s son is a very influential Russian tycoon . Yvan hides in his father’s villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, but both have diplomatic passports and immunity, which eliminates the need for complicated legal procedures You can’t reach it.

Sentinelle 2021
Sentinelle 2021

Clara was unwilling to wait for justice and caught Ivan in the nightclub. He told her that he had not touched her sister. His friends came to rescue him, and after quarreling with them, Clara was deported. Later, she sneaked into Leonid’s villa to search for Yvan, but was captured by Leonid’s bodyguards. Leonid mocked Clara and freely admitted that he raped Tania because his son was not interested in homosexuality and because his son was not interested in women. He let her be drowned by the guards, but Clara struggled to escape. Tania then woke up from a coma, but although Klara urged her to do so, she decided not to prosecute.

When Clara was outside her sister’s ward, she saw a news report that Leonid said he would return to Russia soon. She noticed a nurse rushing over, and then Tania suddenly developed embolism. Clara doubted her sister’s life plan and pursued the female assassin. Captain Muller told Clara that she was sent by Leonid.

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Now Clara is taking revenge wholeheartedly. She stole a few weapons from the garrison’s armory and sneaked into Leonid’s hiding place. After killing the bodyguard, when she tried to bribe Leonid, she pushed Leonid down, and when she observed his body assuming he had been killed, she pushed her down. Clara was stabbed by Yvan and killed him. She was seriously injured and retreated when the tactical police force arrived. However, Leonid unexpectedly survived the fall and regained consciousness.

Three months later, Leonid entered his hotel suite in Dubai and asked the hostess to provide room service. Clara disguised as one of them, brought him a fruit basket, a fork, and quickly pierced Leo on the cervical spine and neck several times. She sneaked back to Nice and boarded the plane from a distance. Tania went out with friends and has recovered from the ordeal. After observing her without Tanya’s attention, and seeing her okay, Clara left and is now a fugitive.

Sentinelle 2021
Sentinelle 2021

Sentinelle was produced by Labyrinthe Cinéma and Umedia and was filmed in Brussels, Belgium, Nice, France, and Casablanca, France over 35 days in November and December 2019. However, post-production was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sentinelle 2021

Directed by
Julien Leclercq

Writing Credits
Julien Leclercq (scenario & dialogue)
Matthieu Serveau (scenario & dialogue)

Olga Kurylenko as Klara
Marilyn Lima as Tania
Michel Nabokoff as Leonod Kadnikov
Martin Swabey as Lieutenant Eric Jaubert
Carole Weyers as Capitaine Catherine Muller
Andrey Gorlenko as Yvan Kadnikov
Gabriel Almaer as Armurier
Blaise Afonso as Soldat opération Sentinelle
Guillaume Duhesme as Lieutenant Colonel
Michel Biel as Aurélien
Mustapha Makhada as Père Syrien
Erico Salamone as Patron du Millenium

Olivier Massart as Médecin de Tania
Doriane Pasquale as Jeune femme plage
Alain Eloy as Médecin militaire
Stéphanie Pareja as Responsable du bar de l’hôtel
Eric Castex as Equipier de Catherine Muller
Baptiste Leclercq as Soldat français
Julian De Backer as Toilet chap
Marine Duvivier as Jeune femme boîte de nuit
Melissa Humler as Fausse médecin
Idris Ibragimov as Militair
Temerlan Idigov as Idigov
Antonia Malinova as Maria Kovalev

Release Dates
Australia : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Brazil : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Canada : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Germany : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Spain : 5 March 2021 (internet)
France : 5 March 2021 (internet)
UK : 5 March 2021 (internet)
India : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Italy : 5 March 2021 (internet)

Japan : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Mexico : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Netherlands : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Norway : 5 March 2021(internet)
Poland : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Portugal : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Sweden : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Singapore : 5 March 2021 (internet)
Turkey : 5 March 2021 (internet)
USA : 5 March 2021 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : Sentinelle
Australia : Sentinelle
Brazil : A Sentinela
Canada (English title) : Sentinelle
Canada (French title) : Sentinelle
France : Sentinelle
Germany : Sentinelle
Greece : Η Φρουρός
Hungary : A francia őrszem
India (English title) : Sentinelle

Italy : La sentinella
Japan : サンティネル
Mexico : Centinela
Norway : Den franske soldaten
Poland : Sentinelle
Portugal : Sentinelle
Romania : În umbra santinelei
Russia : Часовой
Spain : Centinela
Turkey (Turkish title) : Nöbetçi
UK : Sentinelle
USA : Sentinelle

Filming Locations
Brussels, Belgium
Casablanca, Morocco
Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France
Dancing Carré, Willebroek, Belgium

Production companies
Labyrinthe Cinéma

Distributed by

Release date
5 March 2021

Running time
80 minutes



Sentinelle 2021
Sentinelle 2021

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