Shortcut: After a mysterious creature invaded the road, a group of five students were trapped in the school bus. Time passed, and every minute, facing the constant threat of unknown entities, their chance of survival diminished.


Directed by
Alessio Liguori

Writing Credits
Daniele Cosci (written by)

Jack Kane as Nolan
Andrei Claude as Chris
Zak Sutcliffe as Reggie
Zander Emlano as Karl
David Keyes as Pedro Minghella
Terence Anderson as Joseph
Sophie Jane Oliver as Bess
Raffaele Buranelli as Reggie’s father
Teo Achille Caprio as Giulio Sarpi Jr.
Mino Caprio as Giulio Sarpi
Matteo De Gregori as Night Wanderer
Molly Dew as Queenie
Emma Giua as Isabelle


Release Dates
Italy : 19 August 2020 (Giffoni Film Festival)
Italy : 19 August 2020 (on demand)
Japan : 17 September 2020 (TV premiere)
USA : 25 September 2020

Also Known As
(original title) : Shortcut
Italy : Shortcut
Japan (Japanese title) : ストレンジ・ワールド 異世界への招待状

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