Spirit Untamed (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Spirit Untamed (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Spirit Untamed 2021 is an American computer-animated adventure film produced by DreamWorks Animation and released by Universal Pictures. The film is directed by Elaine Bogan, co-directed by Ennio Torresan Jr., and in their directorial debut by Aury Wallington And Kristin Hahn screenwriter. The second theatrical film in the Spirit series is released. This film is a derivative of the traditional animation spirit: Cimalong’s Stallion (2002) and is based on the Netflix animation derivative TV series Spirit Riding Free developed by Wallington.

It starred Isabela Merced, Jake Gyllenhaal, Marsai Martin, Mckenna Grace, Julianne Moore, Walton Goggins, and Eiza González, It tells the story of a young girl named Fortuna “Lucky” Prescott who moved to the small rural community of Miradero, where she met a nominally wild kiger wild horse she named “Spirit” and Begin to establish contact with him immediately.

Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

The film was announced in October 2019 as being in development and will be completed remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. This film commemorates Kelly Asbury, the co-director of the original spiritual film, who died in 2020.

Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

Spirit Untamed will be released in the United States on June 4, 2021. It has a global box office revenue of 12 million U.S. dollars, a budget of 30 million U.S. dollars, and received mixed reviews from critics.

Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

Lucky Prescott never knew that her late mother, Milagro Navarro, was a fearless horseback stunt performer (died in a performance accident), from a small on the edge of the vast border. Town Miradero. Like her mother, the lucky one doesn’t like rules and restraints, which makes her Aunt Cora worry about her. Lucky grew up in a city on the east coast under the watchful eye of Cora, but when Lucky used too many adventurous derailments to squeeze her luck, Cora took the bet and moved them back to Miradero with Lucky’s father Jim.

Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

Lucky is obviously not interested in this sleepy town. However, she changed her mind when she met Spirit. Spirit is a wild Kiger Mustang with an independent mind. She became friends with two local riders, Abigail Stone and Pru Granger. The latter’s father, Al Granger, the owner of the stables, is the lucky father’s best friend.

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Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

When the evil Wrangler and his team planned to capture the spirit and his horse herd and auction them to a life of imprisonment and hard labor, Lucky One recruited her new friends and bravely embarked on the adventure of a lifetime to save Give her horse freedom and an amazing sense of purpose, and help Lucky discover a connection with her mother’s inheritance that she never expected.

Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

The movie will be screened in theaters on June 4, 2021. It was originally scheduled to be released on May 14, 2021.

Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

Spirit Untamed 2021

Spirit Untamed 2021 Directed by
Elaine Bogan
Ennio Torresan (co-director)

Spirit Untamed 2021 Writing Credits
Aury Wallington (screenplay by)
John Fusco (original film written by)
Kristin Hahn (writer)
Aury Wallington (series developed by)
Katherine Nolfi (writer)

Spirit Untamed 2021 Cast
Isabela Merced as Lucky Prescott (voice)
Jake Gyllenhaal as Jim Prescott (voice)
Marsai Martin as Pru Granger (voice)
Mckenna Grace as Abigail Stone (voice)
Julianne Moore as Aunt Cora (voice)
Walton Goggins as Hendricks (voice)
Eiza González as Milagro Navarro (voice)
Andre Braugher as Al Granger (voice)
Gary A. Hecker as Horse Vocals (voice)
Ralph DeSeve as Spirit (voice)
Joe Hart as James Prescott Sr.
Gino Montesinos as Bill (voice)
Lucian Perez as Snips Stone (voice)
Renie Rivas as Lady with Dog / Escaramuza #2 (voice)
Eric Tiede as Townsfolk

Spirit Untamed 2021 Release Dates
Malaysia : 27 May 2021
Russia : 27 May 2021
Portugal : 3 June 2021
Bulgaria : 4 June 2021
Canada : 4 June 2021
USA : 4 June 2021
USA : 4 June 2021 (internet)
Indonesia : 9 June 2021
Hong Kong : 10 June 2021
Hungary : 10 June 2021
Mexico : 10 June 2021
Ukraine : 10 June 2021
Australia : 12 June 2021
New Zealand : 12 June 2021
Italy : 17 June 2021

Italy : 21 June 2021 (internet)
Slovakia : 24 June 2021
Spain : 25 June 2021
Iceland : 29 June 2021
Lithuania : 2 July 2021
Ireland : 3 July 2021
Turkey : 16 July 2021
Netherlands : 21 July 2021
Germany : 22 July 2021
Taiwan : 23 July 2021
Switzerland : 28 July 2021 (French-speaking region)
France : 28 July 2021
Sweden : 28 July 2021
UK : 30 July 2021
Norway : 31 July 2021
Singapore : 9 September 2021

Spirit Untamed 2021 Also Known As
(original title) / Australia / Canada (English title) / India (Hindi title) / New Zealand (English title) / USA : Spirit Untamed
Brazil : Spirit: O Indomável
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : Неукротимият Спирит
Canada (French title) : Spirit: L’indomptable
France : Spirit: L’indomptable
Germany : Spirit – Frei und ungezähmt
Hungary : Szilaj: Zabolátlanok
Iceland : Villti folinn: Andi ótaminn
Italy : Spirit – Il ribelle
Lithuania : Nepažabojama dvasia
Mexico : Spirit: El Indomable
Norway : Spirit Villhesten
Portugal : Spirit Invencível
Russia : Спирит Непокорный
Slovakia : Divoký Spirit
Spain : Spirit – Indomable
Sweden : Spirit: Vild och fri
Turkey (Turkish title) : Spirit: Özgür Ruh
Ukraine : Спіріт: Дикий мустанг
UK : Spirit Riding Free
(working title) : Spirit Riding Free

Spirit Untamed 2021 Based on
Spirit Riding Free
by Aury Wallington
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
by John Fusco

Spirit Untamed 2021 Music by
Amie Doherty

Spirit Untamed 2021 Cinematography
Robert Edward Crawford

Spirit Untamed 2021 Edited by
R. Orlando Duenas

Spirit Untamed 2021 Production company
DreamWorks Animation

Spirit Untamed 2021 Distributed by
Universal Pictures

Spirit Untamed 2021 Release date
June 4, 2021 (United States)

Spirit Untamed 2021 Running time
87 minutes

Spirit Untamed 2021 Country
United States

Spirit Untamed 2021 Language

Spirit Untamed 2021 Budget
$30 million

Spirit Untamed 2021 Box office
$12 million

Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021
Spirit Untamed 2021

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