The Ice Road (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

The Ice Road (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

“The Ice Road 2021” is an American action thriller released in 2021, written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh. The film starring Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne, with Benjamin Walker, Amber Midthunder, Marcus Thomas, Holt McCallany, Martin Sensmeier, Matt McCoy, and Matt Salinger served as supporting roles. It marked Hensleigh’s first film since “Kill the Irishman” in 2011. It tells the story of a team of truck drivers performing dangerous missions on the frozen ocean, transporting key components to rescue workers trapped in a collapsed mine. The film was released digitally by Netflix in the United States and Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom on June 25, 2021.​​ Critics gave it mixed reviews.

The Ice Road 2021

An explosion in a mine in Manitoba trapped 26 miners. Mike McCann and his brother Gurty, an Iraq war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder and aphasia, were employed by a freight company. When Mike slammed another truck driver named Guti as “slow”, they were all fired. Mike received an alert from the truck driver on the ice road that Winnipeg needed, and they decided to apply. Another ice road truck driver, Jim Goldenrod, agreed to lead a dangerous rescue mission to help transport three wellheads to the mine. He hired McCann and Gurty, and a young woman named Tantoo.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

Also joined was Varnay, an actuary, responsible for conducting insurance risk assessments for Katka, the company that owns the mine. US$200,000 is divided among the four truck drivers, and if someone dies, the money will be divided equally among the survivors. At the same time, miners communicate with Katka executives through tap codes. Katka’s general manager Sickle communicated their plan to release these people by blasting the tunnel.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

The team took three wellheads on three trucks to the mine-although only one wellhead was needed to rescue the miners, three were for redundancy. They were forced to take the old bridge. Although it was not as stable as the new one, it was necessary in order to deliver the wellhead to the miners in time. During the journey, Goldenrod’s engine stalled.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

While trying to repair it, the ice under his trailer started to crack and his leg was trapped by the cable. Knowing that he could not escape, he persuaded the reluctant Tantoo to cut off the strap connecting him to the truck, causing him to drown, but saved the other two rigs and the wellhead. The team tried to escape the rapidly approaching pressure wave and cracked ice. In the attempt, the other two trucks fish-tailed overturned, dispersing the weight of the truck and preventing the pressure wave.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

Mike and Varnay accused Tantoo of destroying Goldenrod’s rig so that she could recover the entire $200,000 for herself. Tantoo revealed that her brother Cody is also among the miners. When they continued to interrogate her, she pulled out a pistol, but Gurty disarmed her and tied her up. After the men used the winch to straighten the truck, Varnay locked Mike and Gurty behind their rig.

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The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

Varnay was revealed to be the one who destroyed the Goldenrod rig and made Tantoo unconscious. He loaded Mike’s truck with explosives and drove away with Tantoo, but Mike and Gurty escaped from the trailer and threw the explosives away before they exploded. Varnay watched the explosion from a distance, thinking that Mike and Gurty were dead.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

While hoisting the trailer out of the ice, Gurty tried to warn Mike that the winch was about to malfunction because it had started to freeze. Mike got angry, slapped Gurty, and started working. The winch broke, causing Gurty and the trailer to fall into the water, but Mike rescued Gurty and awakened it. Varnay meets with Sickle and tells him that Mike and Gurty have been eliminated. Sickle instructs Varnay to get rid of Tantoo and the last remaining wellhead, making Tantoo appear to have lost control and turned to the cliff.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

Varnay was about to kill Tantoo but was bitten by Gurty’s pet rat Skeeter, and Tantoo threw him out of the rig. When she tried to escape the truck, he was able to disconnect her fuel equalizer. Mike and Gurty arrive and kill the Katka contractor who hunted down Tantoo. According to reports, Katka instructed the miners to cut off the methane sensor because it was unable to shut down the mine for safety reasons.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

After Tantoo ran out of fuel due to a leak, Varnay caught up with her, but Mike rammed his rig into Varnay’s truck and sent it off the cliff. Varnay survived and went to higher ground, where he created an avalanche with explosives. Mike and Gurty escaped, but Tantoo was hit by the snow and his shoulder was injured by a tree branch. They untied her trailer and drove the wellhead together and left.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

Varnay chased them with Tantoo’s rig and started hitting them. Mike boarded Varnay’s rig and both fell off the truck. After some struggle, Mike tried to drive away, but Vannet climbed onto the roof of the rig. Mike knocked down Varnay, accelerated the rig, then dived into the water, causing it to fall to the surface and killing Varnay.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

At the same time, Tantoo and Gurty crossed a suspension bridge that was not intended to carry the current weight of the truck-they barely succeeded before the truck collapsed. After crossing, the truck began to slide backward and Gurty was crushed to close the gate to prevent the truck from falling. Mike came to the gate of the bridge, where he comforted the dying Gurty.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

Mike and Tantoo rushed to rescue the miners in time with the wellhead. After learning the truth, Katka’s CEO arrested Sickle for his actions. Three months later, Tantoo worked as a mechanic in Goldenrod’s garage, and Mike bought a golden truck to commemorate Jim, and now works as an independent truck driver, delivering sporting goods.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

Filming took place in Winnipeg in February 2020. Filming was also carried out in Île-des-Chênes and Gimli, Manitoba. In March 2021, Netflix acquired the US distribution rights for the film for US$18 million and released it digitally on the service on June 25, 2021. ​​This is the most-watched movie on the service’s premiere weekend. Distributors in other countries/regions will be different, including Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom.

The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

The Ice Road 2021

Directed by
Jonathan Hensleigh

Writing Credits
Jonathan Hensleigh

Liam Neeson as Mike
Marcus Thomas as Gurty
Laurence Fishburne as Goldenrod
Amber Midthunder as Tantoo
Benjamin Walker as Varnay
Holt McCallany as Lampard
Martin Sensmeier as Miner Cody
Matt McCoy as General Manager Sickle
Matt Salinger as CEO Thomason
Chad Bruce as Shift Super Mankins
Adam Hurtig as Fred Ford
Bradley Sawatzky as VP Operations Tager
Marshall Williams as Mine Safety Supervisor Tully
Paul Essiembre as Deputy Minister O’Toole
Arne MacPherson as Miner Claude
Gabriel Daniels as Miner Barney
Natasha Elise Kotzubei as Lead VA Nurse

Lauren Cochrane as VA Nurse
Harry Nelken as VA Administrative
Al Corley as Doctor
Paul Magel as RCAF Major
Robert Nahum Allen as Hardhat (as Robert Nahum)
Jacqueline Loewen as Paramedic
Alicia Johnston as Trucking Boss Secretary
Aaron Merke as Desk Cop
Darcy Fehr as Dave the Driver
Josh Strait as Nodak Trucker
Kevin Klassen as Katka Driver
Steve Pacaud as Pascal (uncredited)
Lorrie Papadopoulos as Trucker (uncredited)
Mike Vaughn as Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
BJ Verot as Washington (uncredited)

Release Dates
Mexico : 2021
Brazil : 25 June 2021
Canada : 25 June 2021 (internet)
China : 25 June 2021
Spain : 25 June 2021 (internet)
UK : 25 June 2021 (internet)
Greece : 25 June 2021 (internet)
Hong Kong : 25 June 2021
Italy : 25 June 2021
Malaysia : 25 June 2021
Russia : 25 June 2021
USA : 25 June 2021 (internet)

Lebanon : 1 July 2021
Portugal : 1 July 2021
Ukraine : 1 July 2021
Estonia : 2 July 2021
Lithuania : 2 July 2021
Singapore : 15 July 2021
Denmark : 29 July 2021
Sweden : 30 July 2021
France : 4 August 2021
Netherlands : 12 August 2021 (internet)
Australia : 26 August 2021
Germany : 26 August 2021

Also Known As
(original title) / Australia / Brazil / Canada (French title) / Canada (English title) / Germany / India (English title) / India (Hindi title) / Italy / Japan / Spain / UK / USA : The Ice Road
France : Ice Road
Greece : Δρόμος από Πάγο
Hong Kong (Cantonese title) : 極地冰劫
Lithuania : Ledo kelias
Mexico : Riesgo Bajo Cero
Portugal : The Ice Road: Missão de Risco
Russia : Ледяной драйв
Ukraine : Льодовий дрифт
(working title) : Red Ice

Filming Locations
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(Filming locations)
Ile des Chênes, Manitoba, Canada

Music by
Max Aruj

Tom Stern

Edited by
Douglas Crise

Production companies
The Solution Entertainment Group
CODE Entertainment
ShivHans Pictures
Envision Media Arts
Aperture Media Partners
Manitoba Film & Music

Distributed by

Release date
June 25, 2021

Running time
108 minutes

United States


The Ice Road 2021
The Ice Road 2021

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