The Marksman (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

The Marksman (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

The Marksman 2021 is an American action thriller directed by Robert Lorenz. The plot was completed after the rancher and former Marine (Liam Neeson) lived in a border town in Arizona. He had to help a young boy (Jacob Perez) escape from a drug cartel in Mexico. Katheryn Winnick, Juan Pablo Raba, Teresa Ruiz also starred. The movie will be released in American theaters on January 15, 2021. It was well-received by critics, who praised Neeson’s performance, but criticizing the film is routine.

The Marksman 2021

The Marksman 2021

Jim Hanson, a retired US Marine who lives on the border between Arizona and Mexico, reportedly tried to cross the border illegally. One day, while patrolling, he met Rosa and her son Miguel, a Mexican citizen who had fled from the cartel.

Hansen patrolled the Mexican drug cartel before seeing them. He then ended the call and engaged in a gun battle with the Cartel led by Maurico. Hansen shot and killed Mauricio’s brother. Rosa was shot and killed by one of the MDC members.

Before she passed away, she gave Hanson a note listing their family’s address in Chicago. Hansen reluctantly agreed to take Miguel to his family in Chicago. After her death, the Border Patrol appeared.

Then, Miguel was taken over by the Border Patrol. Later (not shown, but informed later) a member of the cartel came in and claimed that he was Miguel’s father. Hanson happened to see the car there, and then decided to walk into the office, and then he asked to see Miguel. The officer in front reluctantly let him in, then Hansen sneaked Miguel out to Chicago.

The Mexican drug cartel used forged passports to enter the United States and followed Hanson and Miguel. A corrupt border patrol officer found that they had gang tattoos on their bodies and clearly saw that their passports were forged, allowing them to enter the United States anyway.

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After Hanson repaired the truck with a credit card, Maurico traced the couple to Route 66 in Oklahoma.

Hanson and Miguel followed a corrupt police officer and dragged them over after they found out where they were. The police told Hansen to get in the police car when “going to chat with the boy”. The police obtained Hansen’s driver’s license and keys, searched for his pickup truck, but never talked to Miguel. Hansen realized that the official was corrupt, and fled the police car, subdued the official, and retrieved his keys. Soon after, Mauricio and the rest of the Cartel team caught up with the corrupt officer and executed him while Hanson and Miguel were watching from a distance.

Hanson and Miguel continued north. Despite Hanson’s personal lack of faith, they still stopped in the church so that Miguel could give Rosa an appropriate gift.

The truck broke down while speeding and broke away from the cartel. In the end, Maurico and his men caught up with Hanson, and there was a firefight at a nearby farm. Hanson managed to kill three cartel members, but Maurico captured Miguel.

After a skirmish in which Hanson was stabbed, he managed to gain the upper hand on Maurico and left his bullets in his gun, with the option of suicide or returning to Mexico. Hanson and Miguel heard gunfire and left the farm.

The two eventually reached the Miguel family in Chicago and ended up with Hansen taking a city bus and rest.

The Marksman 2021
The Marksman 2021

The Marksman 2021

The project was originally called The Minuteman and was announced in May 2019, with Liam Neeson as the leading role. In September 2019, it was announced that Winnick and Raba had participated in the cast of the movie. The main photography took place in Lorain, Portage County and Chardon, Ohio. Filming also took place in New Mexico and ended in October 2019.

“The Marksman” was originally scheduled to be released in the United States on January 22, 2021, but was later adjusted for a week until January 15.

The Marksman 2021
The Marksman 2021

Directed by
Robert Lorenz (directed by)

Writing Credits
Chris Charles (written by) &
Danny Kravitz (written by) &
Robert Lorenz (written by)

Jacob Perez as Miguel
Harry Maldonado as Teenager
Teresa Ruiz as Rosa
Alfredo Quiroz as Carlos
Sean A. Rosales as Hernando (as Sean Rosales)
Jose Vasquez as Isidro
Juan Pablo Raba as Mauricio
Antonio Leyba as Rigo
Liam Neeson as Jim
Clark Sanchez as Migrant
Alex Knight as Bank Man
Dylan Kenin as Randall
Luce Rains as Everett
Katheryn Winnick as Sarah
Ann Barrett Richards as Bartender Clara
David DeLao as Coyote

Elias Gallegos as Agent
Yediel Quiles as Jorge (as Yediel O. Quiles)
Christian Hicks as Danny
Grayson Berry as Customs Officer
Esodie Geiger as K9 Officer
Amber Midthunder as Gas Station Clerk
Jose Mijangos as Emilio
Roger Jerome as Otto
Rose Leininger as Waitress
Lelia Symington as Young Woman in Car
Chase Mullins as Boyfriend
Vic Browder as Trooper
Charles David Richards as Gun Store Owner
Assad Khaishgi as Motel Clerk
Jared Corum as Deputy

Kellen Boyle as Dalton
Tommy Lafitte as Minister
Jeremy Evitts as Tattooed Man
Scott Shirai as Store Owner
Patricia Rodriguez as Aunt (as Patricia Rodriguez Andrade)
Chris Breen as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Jeffrey Cain as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Shawn Cody Calvert as Laborer (uncredited)
Dominic Cancelliere as (uncredited)
Richard Fike as Truck Driver (uncredited)
Gary Flamik as Street Crowd Spectator (uncredited)
Reese Foster as Border Patrol Officer (uncredited)
Brian Gackowski as Store Clerk (uncredited)

Adam Hicks as Border Patrol Agent (uncredited)
Garrett Ielapi as Cartel Thug (uncredited)
Mike Kuse as Border Patrol Officer (uncredited)
Dustin Pennington as Contractor (uncredited)
Gonzalo Robles as Latino Thug (uncredited)
Destiny Pearl Salgado as Child playing soccer (uncredited)
Jeff Salgado as Extra (uncredited)
Sandra Salgado as Extra (uncredited)
Melissa Santiago as Church Bake Sale Lady (uncredited)
Cheo Tapia as Border driver (uncredited)
Ming Wang as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Lew Wurdeman as Border crossing pedestrian / Border crossing driver (uncredited)

Release Dates
Brazil : 15 January 2021
USA : 15 January 2021
Taiwan : 20 January 2021
Australia : 21 January 2021
Canada : 21 January 2021
Italy : 22 January 2021 (internet)
Russia : 4 February 2021
Netherlands : 11 February 2021
Norway : 12 February 2021
Iceland : 17 February 2021
Estonia : 19 February 2021
Sweden : 19 February 2021
Singapore : 25 February 2021
Ireland : 26 February 2021
Mexico : 11 March 2021
Portugal : 25 March 2021

Also Known As
(original title) : The Marksman
Australia : The Marksman
Brazil : Na Mira do Perigo
Canada (French title) : The Marksman
Canada (English title) : The Marksman
France : Le vétéran
Germany : The Marksman
Italy : The Marksman
Mexico : El Protector
Portugal : Uma Última Missão
Russia : Стрелок
Slovakia : Marksman
Spain : El protector
Taiwan : 捍衛救援
Ukraine : Заступник
UK : The Marksman
USA : The Marksman
USA (working title) : The Minuteman
Vietnam : Tay Xạ Thủ

Filming Locations
Wellington, Ohio, USA
(Store scenes.)
Brownhelm Vermilion, OH 44001, USA
(Funeral location for Miguel’s mother)
Shalersville, Ohio, USA
Belen, New Mexico, USA
New Mexico, USA
Parma, Ohio, USA
(Mechanic scene)
Chardon, Ohio, USA
(Store scene)
Ohio, USA

Music by
Sean Callery

Mark Patten

Edited by
Luis Carballar

Production companies
Sculptor Media
Zero Gravity Management
Stonehouse Motion Pictures

Distributed by
Open Road Films
Briarcliff Entertainment

Release date
January 15, 2021 (United States)

Running time
108 minutes

United States


$23–30 million

Box office
$16.3 million

The Marksman 2021
The Marksman 2021

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