The Old Ways

The Old Ways

The Old Ways: Cristina, a journalist from Mexico, went to the home of her ancestors in Veracruz to investigate stories about witchcraft and healing. There, she was kidnapped by a group of locals who claimed that they were incarnation demons.

The Old Ways

Directed by
Christopher Alender

Writing Credits
Marcos Gabriel (screenplay by)

Brigitte Kali Canales as Cristina
Andrea Cortés as Miranda
Julia Vera as Luz
Sal Lopez as Javi
AJ Bowen as Carson
Weston Meredith as Postehki
Julian Lerma as The Boy
Elizabeth Phoenix Caro as Young Cristina
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez as Cristina’s Mother

Release Dates
Spain : 8 October 2020 (Sitges Film Festival)
USA : 2021

Also Known As
(original title) : The Old Ways
Germany : The Old Ways
UK : The Old Ways
USA : The Old Ways

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The Old Ways
The Old Ways

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