The Swerve

The Swerve

“The Swerve” Dean Kapsalis’ first film, when I learned that he grew up in Bergman, Polanski, and Hitchcock, I didn’t feel Surprised. The mother of the film has previously reported on this film at the 2019 Movie World and Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. Swerve is also shown on Panic Fest, and currently 100% satisfaction with Rotton Tomatoes. Now that it has been released. The film will be released on major VOD/digital platforms on Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

The Swerve

The Swerve story revolves around Holly (played by Azura Sky) and her mercilessly sliding into a hollow hole, so much that she had to blow up her life. Holly looks like she has everything. Well done, a successful husband, two children, and a family she sees regularly. But there are signs that something went wrong. Zach Rand plays Paul, a student of Holly. Rand also appeared in “The Woman” (2011). The film also played Bryce Pinkham (Bryce Pinkham) and Ashley Bell (Ashley Bell).

Ashley Bell plays Holly’s sister, she is a narcissistic liar. In the end, Holly’s husband Bryce Pinkham (Bryce Pinkham) plays a blind man who likes to cheer for his wife from time to time. Many people will know Pinkham from the “Good Wife” series team.

The Swerve
The Swerve

By 2020, there will be a state of complete isolation after this, which can be said to be a perfect combination of Swerves’ frustrating darkness and depression. Most of the main story is too relevant, especially if you are stuck. However, at a very small but very practical moment, people found that Holly did not perform well.

Like a flat and monotonous palette, everything seemed to envelope her. Most of the time, Holly’s life looks like at any moment, rotating 360 degrees and getting back on track. Apart from the mouse, there is nothing to worry about. The mouse is the real problem here. Once Holly saw it, she went all out to eliminate this tiny gray creature, which might become the center of disease in the entire world. The perfect metaphor for turning small things into catastrophes.

The film incorporates a quiet but disturbing snowball effect in a completely useless decision-making process. Decisions that are fleeting, with each turn, things get worse and worse. The music score is definitely something that is reminiscent of, reminiscent of any great horror film, it fits this tone perfectly and powerfully.

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Is it the drug that drives Holly crazy? It’s a mouse. Did it give her rabies? When Holly tried to keep the last touch of her seemingly normal life together, literally, a wrong turn suggested the edge of reason.

The Swerve
The Swerve

This film will test your patience because until her behavior has changed so drastically that she cannot be ignored, it seems that nothing really happened to her. Swerve is facing a challenge, and mainstream audiences may not like this aspect. For the mother of the film, the beat, and the claustrophobic environment, and the terrible consequences of Holly and her inability to repair the damaged things, this is a must-see. For those who want a light drama, this is not a movie. This is the most burdensome story.

Directed by
Dean Kapsalis

Writing Credits
Dean Kapsalis

Azura Skye as Holly
Bryce Pinkham as Rob
Ashley Bell as Claudia
Zach Rand as Paul
Taen Phillips as Ben
Liam Seib as Lee
Deborah Hedwall as Beth
Dan Daily as Frank
Jason Gupton as Speeding Punk
Lindsay Jackson as Deli Clerk
Kristine Sorenson as Doctor
Jenna Marie Hess as Reading Student
Gretchen Portelles as Michelle
Chadwick Davilsaint as Jock
Maikel Ramic as Keepaway Bro
Josh England as Exterminator
Stevie Holcomb as Trudy

Tommy Minnix

Running time
95 min


Year of production
2018 / Year of release 2020

Country of Production
United States

Production Company
Spark Chamber

Epic Pictures

Release Dates
Greece : 10 November 2018 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival)
USA : 15 June 2019 (Cinepocalypse)
USA : 25 January 2020 (Panic Fest)
USA : 11 August 2020 (virtual cinema) (Florida Film Festival)

Also Known As
(original title) : The Swerve
UK : The Swerve
USA : The Swerve

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