Trail of Ashes (2020) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Trail of Ashes (2020) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Trail of Ashes 2020: The search for the queen’s daughter reunited two long-lost brothers. They grew up on the opposite side of the war and must now choose between family bonds and political alliances.

Trail of Ashes

After the queen’s daughter Lina disappeared, the Crow Tribe, which is still rebelling against the empire, plans to carry out a mission. First find her in an attempt to influence the enemy. Silas, raised by the Crow Tribe, is tasked with intercepting the “quill” (or the person seeking legal assistance) sent to investigate the main suspect in the case: an investigator, the queen’s elite one.

Trail of Ashes
Trail of Ashes

Silas is now posing as a quill Ranieri. When he learned of the interrogator to be interviewed, it was actually his long-lost brother Marco. He was involved in the tragedy and mysterious incident between the two brothers. After becoming an orphan, he became an orphan and was raised by the empire. As the investigation progressed, Silas realized that nothing seemed to be the case. This case will reveal the secret and blur the lives of all those involved.

Trail of Ashes
Trail of Ashes

Trail of Ashes

Directed by
Arturo Lizardi

Writing Credits
Arturo Lizardi (screenplay)
Arturo Lizardi (story by)
Samari Vega (screenplay)

Héctor Escudero as Marco / Mute
Cecilia Arguelles as First
Arturo Lizardi as Silas / Ran
Jasmin Sanabria as Nam
Migdalia Rosario as Empress Voice
Carlos Miranda as Eli
Ian Daryk as Father (as Ian Daryk Ramos)
Astrid Lizardi as Red Scorpion
Jorge Antares as Prison Guard

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Michael J. Morris as Old Man (as Michael Morris Zamora) (credit only)
Michael Morris Zamora as Old man
Luis R. Santiago as Ranieri
Lemuel Rivera as Inquisitor
Karina Curet as Magistrate
Angelica Luiggi as Young woman
Isabelle Lizardi as Lina
Robert García Cooper as Emperor

Filming Locations
Puerto Rico

Produced by
Arturo Lizardi : executive producer / producer
Heixan Robles : associate producer
Samari Vega : executive producer / producer

Music by
Manuel Vazquez (original music by)

Cinematography by
Heixan Robles

Film Editing by
Pedro Javier Muñiz

Production Design by
Carmelo Betancourt
Enrique Rivera

Art Direction by
Jose Matos Cosme

Release Date
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 (VOD / Digital)

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