Trigger Point (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Trigger Point (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Trigger Point 2021 is a Canadian action thriller directed by Brad Turner and written by Michael Vickerman. It plays Barry Pepper, an agent who has been hiding after assassinating members of his team and returning to the organization to help his former boss (Colm Feore) find his missing daughter (Eve Harlow). Besides them, Carlo Rota, Laura Vandervoort, Jayne Eastwood, Nazneen Contractor, Greg Bryk, and Rainbow Sun Francks also starred in the film.

Trigger Point 2021

In the film shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, the producer mentioned the potential of a trilogy based on the popularity of the public. “Trigger Point” was released by Screen Media Films in the United States and Canada on April 16, 2021, and was released in digital form worldwide on April 23, 2021. After the film was released, it received negative comments from critics.

Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

In New York, an assailant shot and killed various people with a silencer.

A year later, Nicolas Shaw, a retired American agent, went into hiding and lived a quiet life. In the flashback, Shaw remembered that he had been tortured by an unidentified murderer. He was forced to name his colleagues who were shot and killed by the attackers before being assassinated. After meeting members of the institution that once belonged to him, Shaw met his former boss Elias Kane, who told him that his daughter Monica had been kidnapped by a criminal named Quinton.

Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

During the investigation, Shaw managed to rescue Monica after escaping the gunfight between the guards. However, Monica quickly buttoned Shaw on her gun, and Monica revealed that she and her father were trying to capture Shaw to retrieve encrypted information. After taking the gun, Shaw took Monica to the forest, where she was shot.

Shaw told Monica in the house that Quinton was an unknown criminal and he spread the identity of his colleagues by poisoning him. Monica told Shaw that, in fact, he gave his name before being tortured, and the pain made him forget the incident. Soon after, Monica escaped and reunited with her father, where the two learned that Shaw had erased encrypted information.

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Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

Back in the town where he was hiding, Shaw began to decode the copy of the message. At the same time, Kane started to track Shaw by visiting people who ate and the bookstore. He often saw Janice in the bookstore. After decoding the information, Shaw learned that Kane tortured him and made him forget his memory, but he failed to obtain Quinton’s information.

Kane took Janice hostage, and Shaw told Monica her father’s true intentions. After Shaw found Janice in Kane’s car, he began to follow Kane. In the shootout, the two were taken to the pier where Monica arrived and learned that Kane was the one who caused the death of her husband Javier. Shaw shot and killed Kane.

Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

A few days later, at school, Shaw met a teacher who was also one of his former colleagues. When she revealed that she had always understood Kane’s plan, the two discussed the possibility of a larger conspiracy before Shaw drew his gun. Outside, the curator and Run Run Run Shaw told her that he would leave the town for “a few working days.”

Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

Trigger Point will be released in 77 theaters on April 16, 2021, and its premier weekend box office revenue was $29,262, ranking third in the box office.

Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

The Trigger Point was originally intended to start production in early 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, filming was suspended. On October 13, 2020, it was announced that Barry Pepper and Colm Feore had joined the cast of the movie. The main photography started with the pandemic on October 26, 2020, and ended after 15 days of shooting in Huron County in Hamilton and Bayfield, Ontario. This film is the first major film shot in Bayfield.

Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

Trigger Point 2021

Directed by
Brad Turner

Writing Credits
Michael Vickerman

Barry Pepper as Nicolas Shaw
Colm Feore as Elias Kane
Eve Harlow as Monica Kane
Carlo Rota as Dwight Logan
Jayne Eastwood as Irene Cole
Nazneen Contractor as Janice Carmichael
Laura Vandervoort as Fiona Snow
Karen Robinson as Quentin Lane
Rainbow Sun Francks as Mouthpiece
Greg Bryk as Richard Pool
John Kirkpatrick as Harry
Ryan Malcolm as Vet (as Ryan Malcom)
Reid Janisse as Auto Patron
Juan Carlos Velis as Mechanic #2
Tim Progosh as Sheriff
Brian Cook as Oliver Stowell
Susie Bianco as Caroline Reid
Anthony Ferri as Javier Adler
Plato Fountidakis as Torturer

Release Dates
USA : 16 April 2021
Canada : 18 May 2021 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) / Australia / Canada (English title) / France / Germany / India (English title) / Italy / Spain / UK / USA : Trigger Point
Japan (Japanese title) : トリガー・ポイント

Filming Locations
601 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Digital Canaries Film Studios – 337 Gage Ave North, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
632 Safari Road, Millgrove, Ontario, Canada
Bayfield Center for the Arts – 24 Bayfield Main Street North, Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
The Lake House – 21 Bayfield Main Street North, Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
Renegade Diner – 34023 Mill Road, Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
Cedarbrook Farm – 812 Concession 8 West, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Music by
Andrew Lockington
Michael White

Brett Van Dyke

Edited by
David Thompson

Production companies
High Park Entertainment
Landmark Studio Group
Peace River Pictures

Distributed by
Screen Media Films

Release date
April 16, 2021 (United States and Canada)
April 23, 2021 (VOD)

Running time
85 minutes



Box office

Trigger Point 2021
Trigger Point 2021

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