Two Weeks to Live

Two Weeks to Live

“Two Weeks to Live” is a six-part 2020 TV miniseries, produced by Sky UK and played by Maisie Williams as Kim Noakes, a misfit, who has been raised in almost total isolation “living off the grid” in rural Scotland for most of her life by her overprotective survivalist mother, Tina (Sian Clifford).

Two Weeks to Live

Taking the risk to a local bar, Kim played a fake video describing a nuclear explosion apocalypse, where everyone only had two weeks of life. This was actually a joke, which triggered action. Kim raised up thinking that the end is coming, he set out to kill the man who murdered her father when she was a child.

The UK series written by Gaby Hull and produced by Kudos premiered on September 2, 2020. The six parts of the series are also starred by Sean Knopp, Mawaan Rizwan and Taheen Modak.

Two Weeks to Live
Two Weeks to Live

A woman embarks on a secret mission to commemorate her father, who died in a mysterious situation when he was young.

Directed by
Al Campbell (6 episodes, 2020)

Writing Credits
Gaby Hull (4 episodes, 2020)
Phoebe Eclair-Powell (1 episode, 2020)

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Sian Clifford as Tina Noakes
Mawaan Rizwan as Nicky
Taheen Modak as Jay
Maisie Williams as Kim Noakes
Jason Flemyng as Brooks
Michael Begley as Ian
Thalissa Teixeira as Thompson
Kerry Howard as Beth
Sean Knopp as Kim’s dad
Sean Pertwee as Jimmy

Release Dates
UK : 2 September 2020
France : 15 October 2020
USA : 5 November 2020

Also Known As
(original title) : Two Weeks to Live
Australia : Two Weeks to Live
Canada (French title) : Two Weeks to Live
Canada (English title) : Two Weeks to Live
France : Two Weeks to Live
Germany : Two Weeks to Live
India (Hindi title) : Two Weeks to Live
India (English title) : Two Weeks to Live
Japan (Japanese title) : Two Weeks to Live
Russia : Прожить две недели
Spain : Two Weeks to Live
Ukraine : Встигнути за два тижні
UK : Two Weeks to Live
USA : Two Weeks to Live

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