Willy’s Wonderland (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Willy’s Wonderland (2021) – Amazing of Mobi Racer

Willy’s Wonderland 2021 is an upcoming American action horror comedy film directed by Kevin Lewis and written by G. O. Parsons. Produced by Nicolas Cage and veteran actor Grant Cramer, produced by Cage, Emily Tosta, Ric Reitz, Kage Chris Warner, Kai Kadlec, Chris Groso, Caylee Cowan, Terayle Hill , Jonathan Mercedes, David Sheftell and Beth Grant as the protagonists Drifters were tricked into cleaning up an abandoned family entertainment center that was killed by eight The electronic mascot is troubled.

Willy’s Wonderland 2021

Willy’s Wonderland was initially released by Screen Media Films in theaters around the world on October 30, 2020. However, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the closure of theaters around the world, the film is scheduled to be released via video on demand on February 12, 2021.

A quiet homeless man trapped in a remote town in Hayesville, Nevada, agrees to work as a night janitor in the once successful family entertainment center Willy’s Wonderland. However, when the eight animated characters in the restaurant came to life and tried to kill him, his mission suddenly became an all-out struggle for survival. Now, working hand in hand with a group of teenagers who also broke into the building, he will be forced to defend himself in a desperate match to survive until the next morning.

Willy’s Wonderland 2021

A quiet wanderer was deceived into the now condemned Wonderland of Wally. The mundane mission suddenly becomes an all-out survival to fight the demonic animated electronics. The fist can fly, kick the ground, and the Titans can clash-only one side can keep it alive.

Willy's Wonderland
Willy’s Wonderland 2021

The main photography works started in Atlanta, Georgia in February 2020 and lasted for one month. Willy’s Wonderland was originally scheduled to be released in theaters on October 30, 2020, but was removed from the release calendar due to restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic. It was announced on January 15, 2021, that the film will be released on a video-on-demand basis on February 12, 2021, and digitally distributed worldwide.

Willy’s Wonderland 2021 Directed by
Kevin Lewis

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Willy’s Wonderland 2021Writing Credits
G.O. Parsons

Willy’s Wonderland 2021 Cast
Nicolas Cage as the Janitor
Emily Tosta as Liv Hawthorne
Beth Grant as Sheriff Eloise Lund
David Sheftell as Evan Olson
Kai Kadlec as Chris Muley
Caylee Cowan as Kathy Barnes
Terayle Hill as Bob McDaniel
Christian Del Grosso as Aaron Powers
Jonathan Mercedes as Dan Lorraine
Ric Reitz as Tex Macadoo
Chris Warner as Jed Love

Grant Cramer as Jerry Robert Willis
Chris Padilla as Jim Hawthorne
Olga Cramer as Judy Hawthorne
Jiri Stanek as Willy Weasel
Taylor Towery as Cammy Chameleon
Christopher Bradley as Arty Alligator
Chris Schmidt Jr. as Tito Turtle
Jessica Graves Davis as Siren Sara
Duke Jackson as Knighty Knight
Austin Perez as Gus Gorilla
B. J. Guyer as Ozzie Ostrich

Émoi as Willy Weasel
Mark Gagliardi as Gus Gorilla
Abel Arios as Tito Turtle
Madisun Leigh as Cammy Chameleon

Release Dates
Canada : 2021
France : 2021
USA : 2021
UK : 12 February 2021 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : Willy’s Wonderland
Australia : Wally’s Wonderland
Canada (English title) : Willy’s Wonderland
France : Wally’s Wonderland
UK : Wally’s Wonderland
USA (alternative title) : Wally’s Wonderland

Music by

David Newbert

Edited by
Ryan Liebert

Production Company
Saturn Films
JD Entertainment
Landafar Entertainment
Landmark Studio Group
Foresight Unlimited

Distributed by
Screen Media Films

Release date
February 12, 2021

Running time
90 minutes

United States


$10 million

Willy's Wonderland
Willy’s Wonderland 2021

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