2012 Ice Age

2012 Ice Age

2012 Ice Age is a 2011 disaster film directed by Travis Fort, starring Patrick Labyorteaux, Julie McCullough and Nick Afanasieff. It was produced by the shelter of the independent film group. This is the third and final part of the “Sanctuary” trilogy (2012). This film is a thriller from Roland Emmerich’s 2012 film. The general praise of the movie is negative.

2012 Ice Age
2012 Ice Age

Bill Hart and son Nelson drove their daughter Julia to the airport. Bill contacted Dr. Divya, who informed Bill that a group of scientists working with him had left Iceland. Divya was able to tell Bill that the entire volcano erupted, and the 200-mile-long ice shelf broke before it was killed by the eruption. When Bill was distracted, Julia went to the airport.

It is recommended that Bill escape from Maine as soon as possible in his office to avoid destroying the glacier. Bill and Nelson went to the Senator’s office to pick up his wife Teri. The glacier moved at high speed and rushed to the east coast of North America, bringing heavy snow and huge hail. The US Air Force tried to destroy the glacier through air strikes, but failed.

The glacier rushed up, destroyed Boston, Massachusetts, and launched a race to New York City. In Connecticut, Bill met Gary of California, who was trapped without a car. Bill tried to appease Gary with food, but gave up the van when Gary threatened his family. Gary raced and had to fall into the river and sink. While walking, the Hutt crosses the frozen river and enters the seemingly empty house.

When a little boy asked them to help his father, the stags collected food and coats. He led them to the garage, where his father was nailed to a fallen shelf. They liberated Gerald and provided a journey to the West. Bill declined to say that they must go to New York to find their daughter. Bill and his family flew through the snow and tornado in Gerald’s light plane.

Julia meets her boyfriend Logan in New York and goes to the dorm. After learning about the glacier, Julia and Logan left the dormitory and tried to cross the subway tunnel. They found themselves in the Lincoln Tunnel at one point and crossed the tunnel to New Jersey. Eventually, they returned to the ground and the National Guard told them that the city had been evacuated. He took them to the refuge.

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2012 Ice Age
2012 Ice Age

While on the plane, the Harts witnessed the second attempt by the Air Force to destroy the glacier. When the aircraft ran out of fuel (due to a leak), Bill landed impromptu. Soon after leaving the plane, the plane exploded and the air traffic controller took them to the hangar to ensure safety. The stags found a car, left the hangar, tracked Julia’s phone, and found that she was only a few miles away. They eventually abandoned the car and searched on foot. Julia and Logan stay in the alley. Julia is reunited with her family. The Stag and Logan returned to the car and drove through the frozen New York Harbor to the Statue of Liberty.

When the glaciers approached, the Air Force hid them in the Statue of Liberty to eventually destroy the glaciers. The glacier splits instantly before hitting the Statue of Liberty and is covered in snow. The stag was safe, and the camera panned to the half-buried Statue of Liberty.

Directed by
Travis Fort

Writing Credits
Paul Sinor (written by)
Victoria Dadi (written by)

Patrick Labyorteaux as Bill Hart
Julie McCullough as Teri Hart
Katie Wilson as Julia Hart
Nick Afanasiev as Nelson Hart
Kyle Morris as Logan
Cedric Scott as Senator Hopper
Chacko Vadaketh as Divya
Ted Monte as Gary
David Light as Roy Larkings
Gerald Webb as Gerald
Sean C. Cooper as Lt. Col. Sinor (as Sean Cory)
Rae Latt Rae Latt as Airport Security Officer

Bryan Hanna as AWACS Pilot
Wesley Waite as Wesley
Darren Anthony Thomas as Cop (as Darren Thomas)
Andrew Pinon as National Guardsman
Emily Searcy as Karen
Amanda Barton as TSA Agent
Jesse Daly as Josh
Glenn Miller as Fisherman (as Glenn R. Miller)
Brian Finifter as F-16 Pilot
Brandon Slagle as Military Man #1
Kevin Yarbrough as Pedestrian
Haris Mahic as Helicopter Pilot #2
Paton Ashbrook as Crowd

Adrian Avila as Crowd
Ashly Barnhart as Crowd
Dee Ledbetter as Crowd (as Dee ‘Ledbetter’ Bodacious)
Nicole Cuoco as Crowd
Dustin Elkins as Crowd
Jennifer Flatebo as Crowd
Nicholas Foster as Crowd
Alison Goser as Crowd
James Green as Crowd
James Green as Crowd
Courtney Hagen as Crowd
Amber Hamzeh as Crowd
Angine Karikorian as Crowd

Darien Jordan as Crowd
Dylan Kemp as Crowd
Audrey Latt as Crowd
Brady Latt as Crowd
Mitchell Long as Crowd
Eleni Mackett as Crowd
Kelly McPhetridge as Crowd
Danielle Miller as Crowd
Lashorn Mykoo as Crowd
Kieu-Trinh Nguyen as Crowd
Joseph Olibrice as Police Officer (as Joseph E. Olibrice)
Arlin Pacheco as Crowd
Benjamin Patino as Crowd

Jason Pugh as Crowd
Leigh Anne Richman as Crowd
Daniel Sanchez as Crowd
Caitlin Smith as Crowd
Michael Smith as Crowd
Louis A. Sosa III as Crowd
Tieira Nicole Stanford as Crowd (as Tieira Nicole Stanford)
Jenn Stanley as Crowd
Julieta Vilatoro as Crowd
Eric Weiler as Crowd
Robert Whitney as Crowd
Danielle Christine Miller as Crowd

Release Dates
USA : 28 June 2011
Hungary : 1 September 2011
Netherlands Antilles : 8 December 2011
Japan : 6 January 2012
Germany : 8 March 2012 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : 2012: Ice Age
Australia : 2012: Ice Age
Brazil : 2012: Ice Age
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) : 2012: Ледена епоха
France : 2012: L’âge de glace
Germany (TV title) : 2012: Das Jahr in dem die Erde gefriert
Germany (DVD title) : Eiszeit – New York 2012
Greece : 2012: I apolyti katastrofi
Hungary : 2012: Jégkorszak
Japan (DVD title) : Silent World 2012
Japan (Japanese title) : サイレントワールド2012
Norway : 2012: Ice Age
Poland : Zlodowacenie
Poland (alternative title) : Lodowa zagłada 2012
Romania : 2012: Glaciaţiunea
Russia : Замерзший мир
Spain : Glaciación 2012
USA : 2012: Ice Age

Filming Locations
Asylum Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA
Lacy Street Production Center – 2630 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, California, USA
Sanna Movie Ranch – Soledad Canyon Road, Agua Dulce, California, USA

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