A Date with Miss Fortune

A Date with Miss Fortune

A Date with Miss Fortune is a 2015 Canadian romantic comedy film directed by John L’Ecuyer and released in Canada in 2016. The film stars Ryan Scott and Jeannette Sousa as Jack and Maria. The relationship between the couple is complicated by the disapproval of Maria’s Portuguese family And her fortune teller. Scott and Sousa personally created the movie based on their true marriage.

A Date with Miss Fortune
A Date with Miss Fortune

The movie also starred Joaquim de Almeida, Vik Sahay and Claudia Ferri, as well as supporting roles of Nelly Furtado, George Stroumboulopoulos, and Shawn Desman.

Daniel Stimac was nominated for Best Original Song at the Canadian Screen Awards.

A Date with Miss Fortune
A Date with Miss Fortune

Directed by
John L’Ecuyer

Produced by
Ryan Scott, Jeannette Sousa

Written by
Ryan Scott, Jeannette Sousa

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Ryan Scott, Jeannette Sousa, Joaquim de Almeida, Vik Sahay, Claudia Ferri

Music by
Daniel Stimac

Samy Inayeh

Edited by
Jeff Warren

Production company
Picasso Chaser Productions

Distributed by
Vision Films

Jeannette Sousa as Maria
Ryan Scott as Jack
Joaquim de Almeida as Jose
Vik Sahay as Wilson
Claudia Ferri as Anna Maria
Nelly Furtado as Nelia
George Stroumboulopoulos as Paul
Shawn Desman as Emanuel

Shawn Ahmed as A.D. / Producer
Aris Athanasopoulos as Marco
Romina D’Ugo as Stephanie
Cosette Derome as Amy
Paquito ‘Paco’ Hernaci as Uncle Joao
Amanda Lisman as Meagan
Joseph Oliveira as Antonio
Ipsita Paul as Make-up Girl
Brett Ryan as Arnold
Jess Salgueiro as Fatima (as Jessica Salgueiro)
Maria Vacratsis as Señora Maria

Release Dates
Portugal : 13 August 2015
Canada : 5 February 2016 (limited)
Germany : 5 September 2016 (TV premiere)
Italy : 9 January 2017 (TV premiere)
Portugal : 27 April 2020 (RTP 1) (TV premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : A Date with Miss Fortune
Australia : A Date with Miss Fortune
Austria : Ein Date mit Miss Fortune
Canada (French title) (working title) : Amour à New York
France : Amour à New York
Germany : Ein Date mit Miss Fortune
Italy : Un appuntamento con il destino
Poland : Randka z przeznaczeniem
Portugal : Um Encontro com o Destino
Russia : Свидание с Госпожой Удачей
Turkey : (Turkish title) Baksana Talihe
USA : A Date with Miss Fortune

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