A Haunting In Salem

A Haunting In Salem

“A Haunting In Salem” is a 2011 3D horror movie directed by Shane Van Dyke and directed by Bill Oberst Jr. and Courtney Abia Starring Courtney Abbiati, Jenna Stone, and Nicholas Harsin. The Sheriff of the New Town (Bill Oberst Jr) moved with his family into a creepy old house. It seems that in Salem, there is a special house for the sheriff to live for free. Unfortunately, it troubles the witch who longs for the blood of the sheriff.

A Haunting In Salem
A Haunting In Salem

A Haunting In Salem was filmed in a 200-year-old mansion in Pasadena, California. The film was completed in an old school with almost no special effects and was based on the Salem Witch Trial in 1692. Using an Alterna GV-4 beam splitter and two Red One cameras, “A Haunting In Salem” was filmed in Native 3D. Shoot within 12 days, and you can manage up to 28 settings per day. Shannon Benna is a stereoscopic photographer. Because of his work on this film, he is known as “Hollywood’s first female thematic stereoscopic photographer”.

A Haunting In Salem
A Haunting In Salem

The film that A Haunting In Salem was released on September 23, 2011. DVD and Blu-ray were released on October 4, 2011. It took 6 minutes behind the scenes of making the movie and inserting the paper scroll. KTLA provides clear, bright, and clear information about the distortion transfer, but since the film was originally shot in 3D, it produced a “flat feeling, making its budget look very low.”

Directed by
Shane Van Dyke

Writing Credits
H. Perry Horton (screenplay)

Bill Oberst Jr. as Wayne Downs
Courtney Abbiati as Carrie Downs
Jenna Stone as Alli Downs
Nicholas Harsin as Kyle Downs
Carey Van Dyke as Mike Goodwin
Gerald Webb as Mayor Avery Colllins
Jason Paul Field as Sheriff Underhill
Courtney DeCosky as Mrs. Underhill
Sam Kinsey as Underhill’s Son
Sonny King as McSwain (as Alfred H. Sonny King)
Shaula Chambliss as Ms. Winston
Josh Roman as Kevin
Catherine Lidstone as Sara Good
Lauren Kelley as Rebecca Nurse
Shoshana Chagall as Witch #2 (as Shoshanna Chagall)
Evelyn Danford as Witch #3
Ashley Barron as Bystander
Lisa A. Blake as Witch #1 (as Lisa Vendette)

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Release Dates
USA : 23 August 2011
UK : 13 February 2012
Netherlands : July 2019 (internet)

Also Known As
(original title) : A Haunting in Salem
Romania : Blestemul din Salem
Russia : Призраки Салема
Serbia : Posednuce u Salemu

Filming Locations
341 Adena Street, Pasadena. California, USA
Pasadena, California, USA

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