American Brawler

American Brawler

American Brawler: The martial arts coach must enter the world of illegal fighting in order to save his family and his dojo.

American Brawler
American Brawler

Directed by
Jose Montesinos

Writing Credits
Jose Montesinos (screenplay)

Marco Antonio Alvarez as Carlos Castillo
Dennis Ruel as Ricky
O.G. Dave Rivera as Morales
E. Ambriz DeColosio as Eduardo Ruiz
Morgan Benoit as Chuy
Stacey Rose as Vanessa
Justin Perez as Diego
Jon Carlo as Drew
Jenna Davi as Karen
Natalie Aldajani as Sonia
Melissa Locsin as Marta

Maya Tapia as Abuelita
Giovannie Espiritu as Stella
George Herman as Christopher
Ricardo Gamboa as The Announcer (as Richard Gamboa)
Alvin Hsing as Darren ‘Furious Fist’ Fleng (as Alvin J. Hsing)
Ray Carbonel as Cesar Sanchez
Bryan Cartago as Ray ‘Machine Gun’ Martinez
Steven Yuas AJ the Scorpion
Troy Carbonel as Weaker Fighter
Sari Sabella as Sloppy Fighter #1
Gilbert Melendez as Self

Jake Shields as Self
Fidel Calvillo as Shady Bet Taker
Jordan Sabella as Henchman #1
Jordan Sabelle as Henchman #1
William Armando as Henchman #2
Orlando Mendoza as Referee
Lucas Okuma as Prelim Fighter #1
Ed Kahana as Prelim Fighter #2 (as Ed Kahana Jr.)
Anna Rufina as Kid 1
Riley Sabina as Kid 2
Lucas Javier as Martial Arts Student

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Celeste Javier as Martial Arts Student
Michael Padilla as Martial Arts Student
Maleah Nipay-Padilla as Martial Arts Student (as Maleah Padilla)
Aerheonna Padilla as Martial Arts Student
C. Vey as Marital Arts Student
Caitlin Chang as Marital Arts Student
Evan Chung as Marital Arts Student
Johana Alonzo as Marital Arts Student
Michael Placencia as Bouncer #1
Brittani Freitas as Morales Girl #1

Britteny Overcamp as Morales Girl #2
Brittney Overcamp as Morales Girl #2
Cardina J. Serrano as Morales Girl #3
Carolina Serrano as Morales Girl #3 (as Carolina J. Serrano)
Simo Padilla as Tamale Lady
Keoki Dacoscos as Burly Man
Brett Stillo as Bar Customer
Brandy Knight as Woman in Bar
Sergio Alejandro as Fighter
Debbrah Vatsana as Chuy’s Hot Girl

Nia Bois as Chuy’s Girl / Featured Hot Girl (as Evyenia Trembois)
Chase Jonathan Azimi as Hyphy Pit-Fighting Spectator
Sean Boncato as Main Fight Doctor
Steve Huang as Fight Spectator
Gabriel Knight as Fight spectator (as Gabriel Koura)
Mahal Montoya as Salsa Dancer
Puneet Prasad as Fight Spectator (as Puneet)
Timothy A. Slater as Fighting Spectator
Steve Tanabe as Fight Spectator
Adam Thayer as Fight Spectator (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 25 June 2013 (limited)
USA : 27 August 2013

Also Known As
(original title) : Barrio Brawler
Australia (DVD title) : Pitfighter
Germany (DVD box title) : Fight Club 2
Germany (rerun title) : Fight Company – Faustkampf im Barrio
USA (new title) : American Brawler

Filming Locations
San Francisco, California, USA

American Brawler
American Brawler

American Brawler: A struggling martial arts teacher must participate in an underground fighting competition to free his brother from the crime boss and reunite with his family.

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