Android Cop

Android Cop

Android Cop is a 2014 American science fiction action film produced by The Asylum and directed by Mark Atkins. The movie stars Michael Jai White, Charles S. Dutton, Randy Wayne, and Kadeem Hardison. It is a hit of RoboCop.

Android Cop
Android Cop

In 2045, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Hammond (Michael Jay White) and his new partner “Andy” (Randy Wayne) became an advanced anti-robot cop. Their mission is to restore one Out-of-control telepresence robots, including Mayor Jacobs (Charles S Dutton)’s daughter Helen (Larissa Vereza) still don’t know that she is the human brain.

Due to the previous incident, Hammond did not trust the machine. In this incident, his partner was killed by an automatic turret, despite the fact that they used code to control it, and maintained a tense, often ironic relationship with Andy. Hammond and Andy were sent to a “quarantine area” in Los Angeles, which was damaged by the earthquake and subsequent nuclear leak, infecting and mutating the residents of the area.

However, they did not know that many of their LAPD officials were corrupt. They planned a plan to provoke violence for Mayor Jacob himself, with the purpose of defending the invasion of the district and terminating its residents. The corrupt police are led by sergeants. Hammond’s colleague Jones (Kadeem Hardison). Hammond and Andy arrived at the defense zone and tracked Helen’s phone, but when their car was loaded with a bomb, she had to rescue her.

She revealed to them that the residents of the area are giving birth to healthy, unmutated children, making them realize that the story about the nuclear leak is a lie. Hammond, Andy, and Helen were on their way to what they believed to be the extraction site, realizing that the lies of the nuclear leak had been spread to manipulate land prices, and the real source of the disease was the reduction accepted by Mayor Jacobs. Food plan honor.

At the extraction point, Helen realized that he was a robot, and Hammond comforted her. Jones and a group of corrupt police officers arrived and planned to kill Hammond, Andy and Helen, but Andy discovered their motives by analyzing facial expressions. As Hammond and Helen fled, the corrupt police launched the “B” plan, surpassing the control of the police robot, but it was not Andy, but Hammond.

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Android Cop
Android Cop

Past incidents on the turret actually killed Hammond, and Helen was injured while trying to help him. Both rely on life support and have control of the telepresence robot. Hammond resisted attempts to force him to terminate Helen and overloaded the control computer so that he could completely control his behavior. Andy delayed Jones’ lineup, and the three escaped. They decide that they must reach the city and promote the truth about Mayor Jacobs’ plan.

As a desperate attempt at a final solution, the corrupt police cut off Hammond and Helen’s life support, leaving only about twenty minutes of the robot body to shut down. Andy jumped on the aircraft carrying Jones’ team and crashed it, while Hammond and Helen crashed into the hospital. There was little time left, they hugged in the back seat of the car, and Hammond died.

Andy reached Helen with the help of her nurse robot, who had visited his computer earlier and gave her an injection. Mayor Jacobs arrived and believed that Helen was dead. He thanked Andy for his service and claimed that Helen had signed an order not to be restored and must be executed. However, Helen woke up and remembered everything, which shocked Jacobs. Andy uses his system to broadcast their conversations to show the public the perfidy of Mayor Jacobs. The remaining honest policemen came to arrest Jacob who committed suicide.

At some point in the future, Hammond’s neural model has been programmed into a complete robot, resurrecting his body similar to Andy. Maintaining an ironic but fruitful partnership, they went out to work again.

The film was released directly in the form of video and video on demand in the United States on February 4, 2014. According to the tradition of the asylum catalog, Android Cop is a blockbuster in the RoboCop 2014 MGM / Columbia Pictures remake.

Directed by
Mark Atkins

Writing Credits
Mark Atkins (screenplay)

Michael Jai White as Hammond
Kadeem Hardison as Sgt. Jones
Randy Wayne as Android Cop
Charles S. Dutton as Mayor Jacobs
Larissa Vereza as Helen Jacobs
Gerald Webb as George Jones
Duane Avery as Newald Mason
Morgan Benoit as Ratchet
Deena Trudy as Officer Jackson (as Deena Trudy Goldberg)
Jay Brothers as Porter (as Jay C. Brothers)

Kay D’Arcy as Trickshot Granny
Jay Gillespie as Reynolds
William Guirola as Snake
George Kokkoris as Sergeant Mills
Danny Ledsinger as Six Eyes (as Danny Ledsinger Jr.)
Greyson Lewis as Dexts Muldoon
Kaiwi Lyman as Wescott (as Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau)
Mahmoud Osman as Officer Marks
Ian Roberts as Hawk Eye
Marcus Shirock as One Eye
Theresa June-Tao as Officer Nichols
Steve Tom as Chief Thompson

Pernille Trojgaard as Sarah Murphy
Delpaneaux Wills as Officer Williams
Ryan Mckenney as Dirty Gang Member
Madison Boyd as Android Nurse
Kelly Gremli as Daughter in Family
Adrienne McQueen as Android Jane
Matthew Moran as Cop / Hitman
Ian Roberts as Hawk Eye
Carl Soto as Background Cop (uncredited)
Bryan Stamp as Drifting Bar Patron (uncredited)

Release Dates
USA : 4 February 2014 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Germany : 7 March 2014 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Sweden : 21 May 2014 (DVD premiere)
Japan : 2 July 2014 (DVD premiere)
Italy : 23 July 2014 (DVD premiere)
South Korea : 29 October 2015

Also Known As
(original title) : Android Cop
Hungary : Android rendőr
Russia : Андроид-полицейский
Serbia : Android policajac
Sweden (DVD title) : Robotic Cop
UK : Android Cop
USA (working title) : Hammond
USA : Android Cop

Filming Locations
Los Angeles, California, USA
California, USA

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