Ardennes Fury

Ardennes Fury

Ardennes Fury (also known as Battle of the Ardennes: Fury) is a direct video war movie directed by Joseph J Lawson in 2014. This movie was produced by B-film company The Asylum, and stars Tom Stedham, Bill Voorhees, Tino Struckman, Lawrence C. Garnell (Lawrence C. Ardennes Fury is Fury’s blockbuster.

Ardennes Fury
Ardennes Fury

Before the “Assault” campaign in the late fall of 1944, an American tank unit was trapped behind the enemy. When the commander of the tank rescued innocent children and nuns from a nearby orphanage, the Allied Forces’ Operation “Ardennes Fury” was about to begin.

Ardennes Fury
Ardennes Fury

Ardennes Fury directly released the DVD on November 11, 2014.

Directed by
Joseph J. Lawson

Writing Credits
Frank Arend (translation)
Joseph J. Lawson (story)
Stephen Llorens (screenplay)

Tom Stedham as Sgt. Lance Dawson
Bill Voorhees as Pvt. C.K. Luinstra
Tino Struckman as Maj. Heston Zeller
Lawrence C. Garnell Jr. as Sgt. Nathaniel Rose
Lauren Vera as Sister Claudette
Yaron Urbas as Cpl. Michael Griffin
Analiese Anderson as Mother Mary
Trey Hough as Sgt. Freddie McNay
Elvin Manges as Cpl. Donald Gunderson
Kyle Golden as Pvt. Richard Somers

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Release Dates
USA : 11 November 2014 (DVD premiere)
Germany : 19 December 2014 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
Sweden : 22 December 2014 (DVD premiere)
Japan : 3 April 2015 (DVD premiere)

Also Known As
(original title) : Ardennes Fury
Japan (Japanese title) : バトル・オブ・バルジ
Russia : Последняя битва
Sweden : Battle of the Ardennes: Fury
UK : Ardennes Fury

Music by
Chris Ridenhour

Richard Vialet

Edited by
Rob Pallatina

Distributed by
The Asylum

Release date
November 11, 2014

Running time
87 minutes

United States


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